Stewart Crameri


Glad to hear you’ve been picked up Stewart. You deserve another chance at the big sticks.

You’ve worked hard, been up and down, come through the worst of times, sought help and come through in the end. Good luck for 2018 and may your little trio remain blessed.


If ever there was a guy who should succeed in AFL it is Rhys Stanley. He has the perfect build for the game, tall and athletic. Just lacking something, it has never quite clicked for him. Inexplicable.


Crameri should get a run for the Cats this weekend with Menzel’s injury likely to rule him out




Hope he has a blinder.


No luck for Stew


Shame. Seemed like the ideal time to get him in with Menzel out


Good luck to Stewart tomorrow night. Hope he does well and stays in the side. Glad to see he has an opportunity.


Hope he fails miserably.


That’s, a bit weird.

Unless he’s playing against us I hope he kills it.


Yep. Really want this guy to dominate against anyone but us.


He left, he can farkoff.


Yeah, not huge fan.


Crameri stood up to Gordon on doing a deal for a guilty plea.




Why? He left for more midfield time. Was one of my favourites, but left. Why should I wish him the best?


Because he was one of your favourites, and he wanted more midfield time, so he left.


No he didn’t, but you could maybe show a touch of class anyway.


Best of luck to him.
Hope he smashes it.


Happy for him. Actually a genuine good bloke.

Been a tough time missing a Dogs flag and then the hip injury wiping out another year and having career almost done.

Will fit in very well to Cats structure around THawk, Menzel & Ratugalea (fwd/ruck)… hope he goes well.

Was shattered to see him leave. But we ended up with Zerrett so alls well at our end.