Stewart Crameri


Good luck Stew.


Its interesting - some hope ex Bombers play well, others don’t.

Me personally, I won’t be cheering for Stewart or any other ex Bomber. I understand why they left, but I won’t be cheering for any of them. I used to love Stewie and Paddy Ryder for that matter but won’t ever hope to see them cut it up at another club.

Gavin Wangeneen and Paul Salmon were my favourite players and when they both left, I was devastated. Did I “cheer” for them and hope they smashed it? No. I didn’t like seeing them being successful at other clubs. But I still loved them.


Good luck to Stewart


If the ASADA crap hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be overly fussed about him. I don’t expect StKilda players to barrack for Goddard now. Thing is, he missed a premiership, a year of his peak footy, had constant injuries and ended up being delisted largely due to lingering effects of the ban. I just want the guy to have a little luck before his career ends.



Never understood the cheering of other teams players.


My feelings are along these lines:


Same. Let’s rip into Green, J Merrett and Myers but cheer for Crameri? I don’t get it.


Our game has lost that tribal element it used to have unfortunately.

AFL just want us all to love each other and be nice.


I think the “stay classy” comment could be applied to ex-bombers and current bombers alike (along with San Diego)


Paddy can do one. Didn’t mind Gus after he left for Port, enjoyed that off break goal he scored in the showdown. Still it was great to see Bags tear him a new one that night after they became acquainted and we got up by less than a kick. Feel similarly about Crameri.


Yep…I was pondering this yesterday.

I was triggered by reading an article about how ESPN is bleeding subscribers. Maybe people are switching to other media sources, but I think a lot are also just switching off professional sports.

And I feel like…it’s not out of the realm of my imagination, that I could one day do the same…if I get too much of a feeling that the players I’m supporting are really just mercenaries, passing through, who don’t care about the club even remotely the way I do.


Strange how we don’t have the same problem with players we have brought in from other clubs.


What are you talking about? Which players?

Stringer: pushed
Devon Smith: not given a go, behind Toby Greene in the pecking order up front, and everyone else in the midfield
Saad: Religious
Goddard: pushed (yes, Nick R revealed how St Kilda screwed that one).
Stewart: they got rid of him.
Hartley? they got rid of him
Dea? they got rid of him
Green? haha… very funny.

Compare that to:

Ryder, required player
Crameri, required player
Hibberd, Required player
Carlisle, Required sooky player
Melksham… who cares.




sadly I don’t know what efa stands for…

Edited for accuracy… got it :slight_smile:


Because we traded him for pick 26…which netted us Zach Merrett.

Imagine our midfield and how much worse it would be without Zach Merrett…then think about how much service the Bulldogs & Geelong have/will get out Crameri…then think about how far out on top we ended up coming out on that deal.

Crameri doesn’t leave = we don’t have Zach Merrett = good riddance Stewie, hope you have a good game for the Cats on the weekend.











If Hirdy still loves Stew, then so do I


Not for two and three, regardless of any public/pr/spin announcements.


There once was a Daniher or two