Stewart Crameri


Stewy was a bblitzer - followed his career from day 1, hope he enjoys a surprising third act


Hope he kicks 12 and the cats still lose


Stewie is a very nice bloke. Could do with a break too.


It’s like when you see your ex out at dinner with this guy you don’t like, and they’re laughing and stuff, and you know that they’re going to go back and do it together, and it cuts you up a bit cause you still have some feelings for her, and it burns a bit inside, but also somewhere there is a a little bit tingling and you… actually, forget it.


To round out the whole set of possible injuries?


That’s harsh. I reckon he could do with an injury free run!

Edit: beat me to it HAP


He used to carry a horse to the ground just so he had something to ride home on.


How long have you known me now? Why would you have such high expectations of me?


That’s crap, he left for $$$. I would never leav…ok I was wrong!


Wishing Stewie a great game. He could fit very well into this Geelong side.


Stewie has kicked a couple of goals so far against the Giants. He’s doing ok.


Hirdy was talking about him in his podcast yesterday. Paraphrasing what James said, Stew was recuirted as a mid, but was a bit too dumb to work out the structures so he sent him to Goal Square and he never looked back.
Was good to hear someone speak the truth about there experience at Football clubs. Not just the normal rubbish that gets dribbled out.


Tough watching his interview tonight where he teared up discussing the saga.

Although he’s playing against us on Saturday we should all back this guy and cheer him on if he kicks a goal.

He was one of us, him and his family went through hell and he missed a great opportunity with the Doggies.

He spoke very fondly of his Bomber team mates and is still in pain over what they went through.

Our boys perhaps played on raw emotion last year and now that’s passed they’re cooked.


Wrapped to see him in the highlights against the pies

Now our season is totally shot, hope he wins a flag this year

Best of luck Stewie


I don’t think you should ever cheer a player who kicks a gal against you. Glad he is enjoying his time at the cats though


Hopefully he’s not kicking any gals.


Yeh I would never condone that.

Not sure stew is that sort of guy.


Article in the Hun today quotes Stewie not happy with Dank. Expected Dank to do something to help over the years, but he never did.


wow, what a surprise


I remember that Crameri wouldn’t mention Dank by name until one of the comperes mentioned him.
Once again, my paranoia and suspicions increase.

At least he mentioned Hird was not responsible for the SAGA.