Stewart Crameri


Didn’t we all. That evidence he kept referring to!


Think that Stewart and his mom are ripping people. Feel that if Stew had his way he would still be at the Bombers.Hope he stays in the ones at the Cats who are now my pick for a premiership in 2018


Yep good interview, very emotional for him still to talk about.

Then you get flogs like fitzpatrick who say
…i think apparently they used performance enhancing drugs at Essendon, we cant be 100% sure though, but a player from another club said it was like the did 5 pre seasons in one, preseason which isnt possible…
what bullshit, If someone deserves to be hit by a bus, its fitzpatrick…, stirring up old wounds.


Crameri did a balanced dispassionate article a while back. It is brave of him to do the latest interview and to reveal his emotions but am curious as to the timing. Presumably he got the OK from the Cats to do it.


When you think about, there has not been any other recourse for Stew (and the rest of the EFC34) to “get it off their chests” then to this sort of media / laying emotions on the line in a forum that allows normal everyday Australians to maybe just prop and think a little…yeah, maybe something does farking stinks to high heaven with this issue, cause clearly the players still sincerely believe they are innocence.


So it was Crammers posting “dank will save us” in the Saga thread?


Not sure. Wasn’t the quote : “Well may you say " Dank will save us” because nothing will save Dank"
“This was Essendons dankest hour”


Anyone who doesnt back stewie in after that interview should hand their memberships in and follow another club he still hurts for us


I cheered him everytime he got the ball.

Sure, we were winning all night, but still… It was pretty good of me.


We didn’t force him to leave.


Did not force Wanganeen to leave


Another on the list of the duplicitous .


Using the proverbial “we” yes we did. It depends on who you are quoting when you say we.

I think it is a different “we as in a certain part of the club.” Hard for someone to stay when there are those in charge, who had something to do with what was happening then and is still happening now.

We may have a new footy center, new staff sprinkled from the top to the bottom, even new players but the stench remains. This club is still where it is because those in positions of trust did what they did. Try as we might to cover it over. We are the new age onion still peeling off the layers.


Love the way some want to rewrite history.

EFC can be blamed with a lack of good governance and process, and some individuals in senior management should have done better. And EFC suffered for it all the hands of the AFL punishment.

However no matter what you may think, there was no deliberate attempt to cheat or put any player health at risk. Only Dank knew what was happening.

The 34 players ( and their families ) have the right to be unhappy about the events and outcomes, but to call this a " stench " is not correct. The Club has addressed all the issues and I believe the Board in its determination to do right by all affected. Sure it will take time to completely rebuild the bridge of trust, but there is no cover-up. It would be complete for me when James Hird is re-installed as Coach.

Crameri, Carlisle, Ryder, Hibbard, Melksham were all within their rights to leave, as was Wanganeen in a previous time. My right to think what I will of all of them, and I give them no sentimental hugs and kisses. They left my Club, so I have left them.


Well good for you.

My sympathy is with all who left. It’s true that nobody at the club had any intention of doing wrong, and in fact they all intended to do the right thing, but the fact is that because the club allowed a certain system — or more correctly non-system — to be put in place, 34 young men, mostly in the prime of their careers, were effectively deprived of the best four years of their footballing lives. That some of them chose to stay at the club and make the best of it is admirable; that others chose to make the best of it by getting as far away from the club as they could is equally admirable. I wish them all the very best. The club is forever in their debt.


I don’t wish any of them any harm; even Paddy or Jake.

Life can be full of ■■■■, but all of them were fully paid and will be looked after. In my view the only blokes abandoned were Hirdy and Bomba. And if any who have stayed, are angry with the Club today, then they should leave now.


Money doesn’t make up for the hell they had to go through


Oh the hell of being a highly paid AFL player.


Surely you jest?