Stewart Crameri


He’s likely considered to be the final player on their list. He’d be playing for minimum wage, granted it’d be mid 80K + game payments, it’s hardly FU money here. At his age, he’d be lucky to be on the list in 2 years. I can’t see him buying a Porsche anytime soon.


Plus his final settlement from the saga.


Don’t overlook Corcoran - denied the capacity to pursue his profession as a sports administrator.


Yep that is true Big A.

And I reckon all the 34 did suffer mental anguish and deserved any payout. I just do not shed tears for those players that jumped ship.


Fark Corcoran
Farking traitor.
Don’t care if he’s Hird’s mate, should never have been let through our doors again.


Because he told the truth?


Because he stole our intellectual property when he moved to Melbourne and we had to drag out the lawyers to get it back. He’s a Judas. Don’t give a flyer re he and the saga, he was a turd long before all that went down.


All those people recruited from other clubs bring intelligence from those clubs. Essendon has a few on the books.


If he wanted a Porsche he would already have one. He is not a Porsche kind of guy.


What are you talking about?


Gee that’s a bit unkind!




Thought he was playing pretty well for them. Couldn’t have been their worst last week.


Will only ever be depth for the Cats.


Gotta admit, I sit in that boat too. Wasn’t too thrilled to learn he was coming back. Horrible situation he found himself in WRT his wife, don’t wish that on anyone.

Think our modern day version is Goodwin. Basically Teflon coated with all the saga stuff. Nothing stuck to him despite his role/participation in things. Then when he goes to Melbourne, he recruits Craig Jennings and Matthew Egan, both of which the club highly valued. Add to that the recruitment of Melksham and Hibberd in rather opportunistic fashion. He brought nothing from the crows to us but took a lot with him to Melbourne from Essendon. Fk him and the horse he rode in on.


Should be in the “disingenuous thread”.


Did Goodwin have a role in getting us Bass - who In turn got us Orazio?


You could go one further with that - given the timing.

The AFL had stitched up the deal with Goodwin and Roos early.

2013 Goodwin keeps quiet in the saga, even though he was on the good stuff. Happily takes Hirds seat at the end of 13 season for a few weeks.
Roos arrives 2014 to Melbourne
Vince Arrives 2014 to Melbourne
Goodwin Leaves to Melbourne end of 2014

Goodwin persuades Vince to go to Melbourne for 2014 instead of Essendon, even though early he was considering the bombers.

Spends all of 2014 targeting a couple of player he thinks Melbourne will need, then jumps to Roos assistant role, helps target Myers and Colyer who we retain, waits, then attracts Jennings, Egan, Melk, Hibbo and probably others who backed out.

I’d say he used Essendon pretty well for what, coaching gig straight out of playing and 3 season as an assistant.


Very good points. Should Take it to the disingenuous thread.


Tinfoil Hat Award, First Class.