Stewart Crameri


Taken to hospital after being poked in the eye in the vfl. Best wishes stew


Any idea how bad it is? Clearly bad enough to be taken to hospital, hopefully it is okay though.


3 Stooges style?

Ntuh, nyuh, nyuh!


Hmmm, that’s a curley one, but I’d say mo - st likely


So much this.


Nope. Had his chance.


Haha, I did need to mould a special new one out of a new packet of foil to come up with that one.




Gonski from the Cats.

Sad ending for a great bloke.

What he did for the 34(or 33 others) won’t ever be forgotten by true Essendon fans.

Farewell Crammers


Left us for the Doggies. Things didn’t work out. Left the Doggies for the Cats. Rinse and repeat. Decent bloke. He played his best footy with us and should have stayed.


I think Crameri had a lot of respect amongst supporters, as he busted his gut through the VFL. Could have left the Bendigo bombers a number of times for bigger money elsewhere.

He was overlooked multiple times. Should have been rookie listed 12 months earlier ahead of Klemke, German & Carroll. Even could have played most of the season in 2009, if we had’ve taken him.

He stuck around another year at Bendigo, moved to Melbourne closer to Windy Hill so he can train full time at the club, and then got drafted. Played on a half back flank and struggle abit with disposal.

James Hird moved him to the forwardline and he was a contested marking machine.

In some ways the Saga killed his career, but he left Essendon to work with McCartney who ended up getting sacked. It’s a big risk leaving an organisation to work with a certain person. He was dropped multiple times under Beveridge. Was never going to play his best football, once the McCartney regime was


Disappointed to lose him, but he was offered more money to go. I can’t blame him for that.
He never dropped a bucket on the club and he didn’t buckle despite a mountain of pressure from the AwFuL and Blubber Boy Gordon. For that he’s earnt my eternal respect.


He’s Melbourne’s new golden haired boy. And; a boy he is and a boy he will remain.

Narcissistic ■■■■. BTW I’m speaking of Simon Goodwin.


Wouldn’t be surprised if he is picked up at the Demons.
links to Hibberd, Melksham and Goodwin.
Would actually fill a role at Blues if he could get on the park, maybe Stanton could help him get a gig…
Surprised Daisy Thomas offered a new contract.

If AFl is over, would take him in our VFL side if he wanted to come.
Solid VFL players are handy iMO if we want to push to VFL finals again next year


After what happened he “should have stayed”???

Thus speaks one who has NFI what it was like to be caught up in all that.


l was speaking from a football playing perspective, as the first part of that sentence clearly states.


Yeah but you’re wrong about that too I think. I reckon it would have worked out well for him at the Dogs had it not been for the Saga suspensions. Guy would have ended up a premiership player.


Quite possible.


Thanks Stew. In a time where most leaders in our society are corrupt and cut deals based on self interest, you withstood their overtures and kept your integrity intact. Your a credit to yourself, you family and yeah as a generation supporter, I am proud you were a Bomber. Good luck buddy :star:


Disappointed when he left but totally understandable. Stuck by his mates even though it cost him a flag.

A real shame how it turned out for him but I wish nothing but good fortune for him for the future, he deserves it.