Stewart Crameri


There’s playing sore, perennially injured, cooked then there’s crammers.
I too wish him well and hope that nice lady who’s his mother and not called Sarah sticks around on the forums.
She seems lovely.


She is lovely, but has not been here for a long time, at least under her old name.

She was told by the powers-that-be not to post here.


Nothing but respect for him.


As in you’re going to cop a bit of abuse from fwits if you don’t


Which powers that be?


C[quote=“Albert_Thurgood, post:1124, topic:3310, full:true”]
She is lovely, but has not been here for a long time, at least under her old name.

She was told by the powers-that-be not to post here.

That’s very disappointing to hear. She openly admitted that being part of the Blitz community helped her through it all - and helped many Blitzers feel connected at a personal level.
I do know that whatever path Stew takes he’ll have total support from his family. I wish them all the best.




Is that fact, or an assumption?



That is very poor form by whatever powers-that-be you are referring to.
She was a lifeline in a very dark time for supporters, and gave us a true (and rare) insight into how the players actually fared.

I’m very disappointed if this is true, and those powers-that-be should be ashamed of themselves.


Eh, not really, I can understand completely why “the powers that be” wouldnt want someone with inside information posting ■■■■ on a public forum… what if their relationship turned sour?

Bit of perspective is needed i think.


If the relationship turned sour they’d still be able to post so that doesn’t make much sense.


nip it in the bud, even if it doesnt turn sour, id imagine the club would have wanted to be in complete control of the messaging coming out re the matter, and still, i think that is understandable


@Albert_Thurgood gone very quiet after cryptic @Arcadian post. Who are those Powers? And when will they stop Being?


Why was she told she couldn’t post on BB? Because her son was no longer a Bomber?
He and She will always be a Bombers in my eyes.


That sucks!!!


That’s not correct. There are posters here who have inside info, how do you know someone like Fog or Boot aren’t related to a player?

I’m guessing it was because she was a players mother’s during the saga and the “powers to be” probably had communication from people above them at the AFL or even legal experts about it (saga related).

Just a guess of course


Will anyone pick up Crameri? Carlton maybe?


The players did get a perfectly legal payout.

Im sure million dollar compensation comes with some strings attached.


They may very well be, thats fine. But this was a poster that was posting almost exclusively about Saga related issues, and it was clear that it was a specific players parent (therefore easy to address the parent directly about it), and if it became known that a players relative was posting about saga related issues, any relative of any player, then id think theyd want to nip it in the bud and politely tell them to stop.


im a bit surprised Crameri didnt get more games at cats.

Maybe his body is cooked.

Its hard to see him getting another shot.