Stewart Crameri


Probably. They operated with one tall forward for most of the year and struggled, just beat up on the poor sides.


Wouldnt be opposed to him playing in our VFL team. We will probably need a forward target. It’d be nice to see him go out like Hardingham did a few years back


That list of things to be ashamed of would run over the page.


I very much doubt that Stewart Crameri got anything like a million dollars.


No one would have


They certainly should have, considering all the pain and distress that was inflicted on them by their employer and the media operating under instructions from their employer.

They certainly did not get appropriate legal advice and certainly did not have the players’ “union” representing their interests.


They should as a rookie, he can still play a bit.


I would love to see him in our VFL team.


Turning full circle. He would have quite a bit to offer.


I was looking at the VFL goal kickers a few days ago…and if you filter it by goals-per-game, Crameri would be near the top…and Monfries is still generating a good number as well!



Yesterdays hero. Move on.


I don’t think he will be playing anywhere as he needs to have surgery on his hip. He spoke as if, it was all over for him.


Forgive my ignorance but what is TIB?


I’m not absolutely certain…but I think it’s:
M = Matches
G = Goals
TIB = Times In Best
MG = Most Goals (scored by this player in a game)