Stolen puppies - at least one positive outcome!

A friend’s female 8 week old golden lab puppy was stolen this weekend from the Croydon, Vic area. They’ve barely had her a week, and now have a devastated 4 year old daughter to deal with.
If anyone hears of one being advertised please PM me.
If I ever figure out how to post pics from the mobile app I will

People are ■■■■.

I’m happy to post on twitter for you if you want.

Sure, go ahead…
Yep, there’s some real tnucs in the world…

Here’s a pic

Have posted the pic of the puppy on Instagram.

Are there any distinguishing features the puppy has?
And would it respond to a name or anything like that?

Thanks for that!
Too young to answer to a name - they’ve only had her for just over a week. It’s Sasha for what it’s worth.
She’s a dalmatian/lab cross so may well have markings later but nothing much yet. She was microchipped.
Another pic here:


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That is one adorable dog. I really hope it’s returned to the owners. Poor kid

Just shared the story and picture on Twitter. I hope your friend gets her back. What kind of awful human does such a thing?


Thanks Catherine - much appreciated. They’ve had a bit of a rough time of late and were just starting to get things together. It’s a bitter pill for the little one.
I gather a story’s been in the Herald Sun. Hopefully sanity prevails.

The twitter post officially has a life of its own now and has been retweeted by some people with large followings.

I’m so happy she is microchipped - that should bring her home. I hope.

Four-year-old distraught as puppy stolen from Croydon Hills home
Aneeka Simonis, Herald Sun
an hour ago
A LABRADOR puppy has been stolen from a Croydon Hills home, leaving its four-year-old owner distraught.

Sasha, the eight-week-old pup, was taken by a heartless thief who broke into the family’s Croydon Hills Drive home between 9.30am and 11.30am on Monday.

Despite an extensive search of the area, Sasha wasn’t located and police are appealing for help to find the puppy who is desperately missed by a young girl and her family.

Labrador puppy Sasha.

A number of items including a laptop, iPad and jewellery were also stolen during the burglary.

Maroondah Crime Investigation Unit detectives are investigating.

The girl’s father Ryan Hood said they only brought Sasha home a week ago.

“My daughter is devastated, unsurprisingly,” Mr Hood told 3AW Breakfast.

“She was best friends with the dog.

“She’d go to bed with it every night and we’d have to take her back to her bed.

“How do you explain something like this a four-year-old?”

Though there is the possibility Sasha escaped the house after the burglar left, police and the family suspect the puppy was taken.

She has been microchipped but has not yet received all her immunisations.

“She’s not able to be socialised with other dogs so that’s why we are worried at this stage,” Mr Hood said.

“She was just a puppy so could be resold. I hope that she isn’t.”


Any witnesses or anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Has also been posted on the Vic Pol page:

Good stuff, social media at work! Hopefully it will be found. If it has been sold they will have had to remove the chip or it will picked up by any vet that it is owned by someone else.

Chip’s been placed on Lost/Stolen hold. If it ever gets scanned by a vet or dog pound, it’ll be flagged.

Just saw this on 9 news. Really getting it out there.

Good! They’re really nice people and don’t deserve this at all. Just hope it gets the desired result.

Aside from the fact that I personally know the family, as father of a 4 y/old this resonates with me. We only recently had to tell our child why our family dog was no longer with us (old age - it was sadly time). How on earth do you explain this one to a small child???

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On channel 7 news now as well, wow, good luck.

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Also got a few minutes early on in Ten News.

A friend of mine had her 15 week old puppy stolen in a house burglary today in Sunbury. What the hell is going on in Melbourne at the moment?

I hope they find the puppy & then desex the bastards who took him.

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