Strength and Conditioning Thread

Hi guys,
I remember a while ago there was a thread dedicated to all things strength and conditioning. It was good to discuss things ranging from lifting techniques to running patterns and rehab. has it moved anywhere? can we use this as a new discussion point? I just finished my exercise science degree last year and would love to be able to discuss training methods with my fellow bomber fans. If not gurge.

For instance:
what has really interested me is the amount of "prehab"work afl clubs now do before training and games.
I watched geelong go through a 25 min prehab (activation and mobility) program 1 day before training that involved landing,band work and proprioception work. This is done to activate stabilising muscles and provide feedback to the nervous system on movement. I’ll be watching essendon soon so ill be sure to report back.

cheers bombers08

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That thread doesn’t see much action.
There’s a couple of us there though with some sort of S&C background or experience