{STRIPS >>> Nuggets} Rd.19 Non Essendon Games

Cracking round of footy approaching, with every game (exc. GCS v Car) holding importance in Final 8 calculations.
I realise I’m posting this a fraction early this week, but there are a number of games which warrant some early discussion, and selection this evening will be very interesting.

From an Essendon perspective, any side from 4th position down to Adelaide in 12th is gettable, so we want those sides to lose.
I still believe Adelaide def. Melb is a preferred outcome, as it brings the Demons very much in our sites given their problematic draw.
Obviously, it keeps the Crows dangerously close, but they have their own challenges to come.

Rich v Coll in front of 90k at the G on a Sat arvo is Game of the Year.
Hopefully the Tiges win to give themselves a buffer on 3rd place.
Should be a ripping contest.

Can Brissy cause a boil over down at Kardinia Park ?
Hoping Geelong are drinking their own bath water, and the Lions can catch a break on them early.
Harris Andrews may return also.
Geelong need to lose 1 of these games now (Freo being the other), to realistically create another spot in the 8.

The Giants will win by 40+ without raising a sweat, and GCS will continue Carlton’s misery.

Talk of Oliver and Hogan leaving the track early for the Dees.
Can’t afford to miss either, or have them less than 100%.
Playing some good footy Melb, and will respond, but I think the Crows at home might just get the 4 pts.
Adelaide by 10pts

Great selection of games on the Sunday also.
Hopefully the Eagles can place another nail in Norths season down in Tassie, otherwise they will be right back in contention.

IF the Bulldogs win only 1 more game for the year, please let it be this one.
An upset here would seriously bunch up the ladder, and realistically place Port in jeopardy of missing Finals altogether.
I hear the Bont will be back.
Upset please !

Freo v Hawks is 50/50.
Sandi might return.
Go Dockers !!!

I’m going to watch an obscene amount of footy this weekend.
Probably need a girlfriend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:


They should trial multi-ball in the suns v blues game


Can you imagine how many marks May would take in such a scenario ?


Hope Collingwood get fkn demolished.

I’ve only just gathered my bearings on Richmond being a good team, cant handle Collingwood being a contender aswell.


Not relevant in this thread this week !


Richmond will annilihate Collingwood.

Not because Collingwood are garbage, they’re alright, but Richmond are that far ahead of everyone else that it’s not funny

I’d say it’s bannable levels of offensive this week.

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Supporting Richmond should be bannable at any time.

Enemies become friends…

Watching the Suns walk all over Carlton in person is tempting.


You’ll be able to secure a walk up seat on the wing, too. No brainer. Must attend.

'Stained seems a little anxious.

Check out the new & improved ladder predictior on the AFL website, it’s addictive.

Also, any clues on WCE & Roo’s in Hobart on Sunday, can’t pick it.



One day, maybe.


And if I can get that close to the action in my Dons gear with a comically oversized wooden spoon…


The best thing about the Suns in person is the little segment of the theme song they play when they get a goal. Really useful for knowing when a goal gets kicked, cause the fans would not have any idea otherwise


It absolutely is the best thing there.

Even better. You really should do this.