Succession Season 4 Spoiler THREAD (May contain traces of spoilers)

Ok, to stop dropping spoilers in the main TV thread, here is a spoiler thread for Succession Season 4.

(If Mr Robot can have a spoiler thread and it was just three or four of us watching, surely this can)

Only 3 more episodes to go

let the spoilers flow…

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Is the India drama with Mattson’s numbers a complete ruse, or is it true?

It did seem to just casually come up, and really, Mattson’s head of PR should not have handed that over so easily to Roman and Kendall, even over a ciggie.

But that means they were playing a game the whole time, even the argument they had in front of Greg with the ‘let’s fire her’ stuff was part of the act, and that’s some high level game playing. I’m not convinced that Mattson is that much of a genius. (It would also indicate that he is playing Shiv too, and all that stuff the other week about the jars of blood he sent to the PR lady (edit: her name is Ebba) is also part of the game.

I don’t know, it could go either way.

Also, when Tom said ‘you wouldn’t make a good mother’ to Shiv… goodness. You know how to cut to the core of me, Baxter.

Such a great episode. Although, I’m sad that Justin Kirk (mencken) has been off screen all season. I really like him as an actor, and he was nailing that part.


For me everything about Mattson is deception. The clothes he wears the bare feat, inappropriate comments etc are all designed to throw people off and underestimate him. So the Rega relationship is part of that, he has deliberately set that all up over the past two episodes, the over sharing of the blood story to make people think he has a complicated back story. He also very deliberately last week make it he known he didn’t rate her for PR and wanted to keep Roystars head of comms. That’s all continued in the last episode. It’s all way to convenient that then she is the one to reveal Mattsons weakness.

I wouldn’t be surprised if those two are related, lovers are actually the 2 original cofounders (or a combination). Make people think you don’t get along so you can manoeuvre other people.

Also think he’s definitely playing Shiv, there’s no reason he would have time for her at all, but she’s to vain to realise.

To what end, maybe his plan all along was to be brought out. He will get the Roys to take him over and probably leave them with a big pile of crap that they aren’t aware of.


I agree with all that, and it does track. (especially Ebba being a co-founder, good call.)

However… he did essentially over pay for Waystar Royco, and he is very keen to hurry up and get the deal done, which does track with what he told Shiv about letting the numbers get lost.

Both very, very big gambles if his end goal is to be bought out.

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That’s true. If his whole play is based on his assessment of how the Roy’s react some huge calls made off people he barely knows.

How much do they need to stick a landing with no plot holes? The first 3 seasons invited us to suspend disbelief as it was all about the characters, acting and comedy. It’s based in reality but it’s a hyper reality. I’m probably still ok if the ending is somewhat implausible as the whole show has been to a certain extent.

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Yeah, which is why my money is still on Greg.

If he not the boss, he’ll be the boss’ 2iC.

Tom, with nothing to lose now, could really go rogue as well from this point.

Great shows are defined by how they end it. This one will be interesting. It needs to be satisfying rather than highly plausible I feel.

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Is it a spoiler that the thread title seems to be misspelt?

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You’re in the wrong thread, no idiots in here.


No idea what you’re talking about.

Fake news.

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Is Shiv pregnant?


Not 100% convinced it is Tom’s though.

They haven’t talked about it for a few episodes so I thought I was imagining things. Only reference is you notice she doesn’t take any proper sips of her drinks.

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Sarah Snook is real life pregnant, too.

Be interesting to know if they added this to the script because of this, or they were always going to do it.

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Long time watcher first time spoiler thread poster:

According to the Prestige TV podcast, the writers have confirmed shiv’s baby is Tom’s. Tom looks like he may go nuclear next week on election night. Bring it.


My tip is Tom will do something big. Just based on the final moment, the look on his face in bed.

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Argh, I don’t want off screen spoilers! We need another spoiler thread!

It’s a weird one, cos it’s been the thing since the very beginning of the show. There’s no reason for him to get burned, but there’s no reason for him to make it big.

I thought Tom was going to leap the barricade out on the terrace and do himself in whilst arguing with Shiv.

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It was so intense. About two-thirds of the way through the scene I realised my eyes were welling up, the truths were just so cold hard.