Succession Season 4 Spoiler THREAD (May contain traces of spoilers)

Best tv argument since

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Damn, that’s good. I’m due to watch it all again.

Method actress.

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Roman certainly had quite a bit to say in todays ep. Can his relationship with Shiv survive some of those vicious exchanges?

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Greg playing all sides.

It’s funny how much they all dislike / don’t respect him, but he keeps putting himself in positions where they need him.

Another tense episode, although it had a real dark vibe to it with the Mencken stuff.


The shrug when he told Ken was gold.

Great ep. Cant wait for the funeral next ep.

I think the election result will unstick Roman and Ken. Something will happen with the Wisconsin count which will swing the election back to the Dems. ATN will look unprofessional and bias for calling it early and Shiv will leak info to that effect.

I don’t think Mattsons is as weak with the India thing as he seems. It’s a ploy as others have said - Edda leaking that info to Roman and Ken while also saying Mattson isn’t a coding genius, that comment just seems so deliberate, along with Mattson telling Shiv he can’t ‘read people’, yet he appears to be telling Shiv exactly what she wants to hear.
Mattsons will end up getting ATN and then knife Shiv. None of Shiv, Roman or Ken will win.


I don’t know how they resolve it all. Only 2 episodes left and one of those has to have the funeral. Running out of time to wrap everything up satisfactorily

I dont know how it happens but I suspect Roman and Shiv ultimately team up to oust Kendall .

The moral of the series that trying to live up to someone’s expectations of you is cowardly, which is all Kendall has ever tried to do.

In order to be a pioneer (for good or for bad), you have to step out of your predecessors shadows.

Either that, or Kendall somehow comes out on top of it all, but in the process loses his soul ala Michael Corleone in Godfather Part II. The moral of the story is the same, trying to live up to someone’s expectations of you will ruin your sense of self, and you will be empty.

I actually think the second option will be more impactful.


Would be sick if they had a homage of Kendall staring out the window from the CEO chair like the image above.

I also think it would be fkg sick if the series ended on a scene showing that Logan intended to cross out Kendalls name in his will as the next CEO of Waystar.

Who else noted the ATN anchor ranting Tucker Carlson style about the Wisconsin matter. Only a few brief visuals, mostly heard in the background. Very nice touch.

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If you consider how much stuff usually happens at a Succession wedding, imagine how much is going to happen at a Succession funeral.


The upshot here is just about anything is possible. The narrative has been so well constructed that nearly anything would make sense.

From memory the season 4 preview had Roman in the middle of a riot so will be interesting what happens there.

I can see this one.

He finally gets what he always wanted (or thought he wanted), but he’s completely estranged from his siblings and his children.

All he will have, is Greg.

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Yup, something tells me this will be it. Having Kendall ousted would almost be a bit of a ‘twist’, which the series has done extremely well of not falling into.

The whole series has been building up Kendall as the next CEO, I think the question is ultimately how much is he willing to sacrifice to get there?

Seems more like it was the police storming the offices. I wouldnt be suprised if this has something to do with the bomb Shiv is going to drop with Maatson and Roman reveling in the chaos.

Yeah, I think all three of them are the same though.

What you said about Kendall- yes, he spits all this ‘we need to be innovative tech is the future’ we are a ‘decaying empire within a decaying empire’ and ATN is so last century stuff. But he just wants to be his dad, and as soon as the opportunity arises he dumps all those ideals for a shot at the crown.

Shiv is no different. She was a political advisor for a socialist Democrat - Gill and before that, she supported a female senator she thought could be the first female President. She would run around telling everyone ATN is racist and evil, but dropped all of that as soon as Logan gave her an avenue to become CEO in season 2.
She showed that doesn’t care about women’s rights either, when it comes to retaining her own power - met with that victim in the park regarding the cruise scandal and got her to back out of giving evidence by scaring her.

And again, she was all against ATN calling the election early, because ‘it’s for the good of the republic’. but she doesn’t actually care about that, she just knows the Dems won’t block the
ATN deal, and she can have a route to becoming CEO under Mattson.

Roman is too lazy to actually do the job, he knows this, that’s why he sticks to Logan and Kendall, and gets so agitated when Gerri and others don’t respect him and lashes out and fires and treats people like dirt. Massive insecurity - he doesn’t have what Kendall and Logan have, which is an ability to actually do the work and an attention to detail. Even though, unlike the other two, he actually knows what he is, a Roy, and doesn’t get high and mighty like Shiv and Kendall.

All three had an opportunity to take the money, and go and start something new, either through the Pierce acquisition or that other start-up they were proposing, but all three are too greedy and want to have it all, and that’s why they’ll lose. They will all destroy each other because of their ambition, greed and insecurity that they can’t be Logan.


And Greg will be the one who remains.

Greg and his lemony drinks.


‘only a touch of lemon’

Haha, last man standing.

I also think Greg sold his soul to Logan when he turned his back on his grandfather’s inheritance.

So I don’t know, he’s such a lovable character, someone has to win, but Greg’s also lumped himself in with the Roy’s when he had an opportunity to get out.


I no still think Mattson wipes the floor with the now divided siblings, only wildcard is if Mencken does block the deal.