Sunak searches gene puddle of Torys…finds Big Dave

Truth is … this is a sharp tack back to the political centre for the Tories. Which is where the 2024 election will be fought (Keir Starmer N.B.). So old Lord DC and a few moderates back in Rishi’s Cabinet. Suddenly he does have an outside chance of re-election. Stupidly the Conservative right wing since Brexit facilitated a mini Trumpite revolution to try nail immigration, the Civil Service, Police ffs and any old public service that smacked of equality. Bojo the clown. Truss the deluded. Enough said.

The Great British public have had enough of the bullshit Tory strategy that strangles public services Why? Because there is nothing they propose that improves the lives of those truly struggling or those barely managing. And according to most polls they’ve failed the economic management test. 13 years of mayhem. Enough. The UK langiish in most tables regarding regional and world economic growth and the rising cost of living. Something has to change

So who knows how it pans out … probably time for a Labour centrist government again. But in the meantime at least it suddenly feels we’re not on the edge of an EDL led riot.

haha the Tories’ “gene puddle”! Nice one.


Well, the UK is not Robinson Crusoe, there are articles around which indicate that Germany has mounting financial difficulties. Since Germany is the locomotive that drives Europe, all the carriages being towed along by the heretofore all powerful BRD might start to feel the effects of a slowdown, and since many of those countries are very shaky in their own right, trouble could ripple through the EU again.

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