Supercoach 2018


-merge if needed-

Hey Guy, I was “JetsAtTheHallam” last year in our Bomber Blitz League for Supercoach and took the title.

I have created another league (871199) if anybody wants to join.



I really liked the group feature, leagues have limited spots, but this way you can also compare with everyone across the board. If anyone’s interested:

Bomberblitz Ladder (115055)


Cheers. I’m in.


I’ll give it a crack. Never played fantasy footy before so will be fodder for you blokes. I auto picked my team on the assumption I can make as many changes to my team before the first round. I hope that’s the case!


Yep. Unlimited changes until first lockout, which is the first game.


Is 14 Essendon players too much? :smiley:


Seems reasonable






Just snuck in. Bring it!


Yep full up. If anyone else wants in I suggest the next person creates another league.

This league is locked and loaded.


Here another Blitz League.


Doesn’t work. Have already signed into another league. Wondering if there’s a limit on the how many leagues you can join?


you can join up to 10 different leagues & groups are separate again




The page I’m using to register says the league doesn’t exist


You’re in the draft league section, you need to go to classic.


Thanks, just worked it out!


Question - can I have different teams in the leagues I’ve joined? If so, how do I do that? I’m currently in 2 leagues and it seems I can only have 1 team across both


Nope, you use the same team for all leagues. Why would you want different teams?