Supercoach 2018


Kreuzer out. Glad i brought in English before lock out.

The blessing is I can make him Captain to take dusty’s VC score.


Started holman over Dow. Good call so far


Kept Libba to see who plays better out of coniglio and Parker.

Wish I could do Charlie Curnow HT trade in.



Absolute disaster. Crouch injury, Kruzer and Greens late outs, under projections from more than half the team.

Only postives are so major overs from Devon Smith and JJ


I hope that is 1870, Scotty?!



Horrid weekend across almost my whole squad


2298 for me with ryan on bench and freaking rayner on field…


2401 with Ryan on the bench. Going ok, so far.

  1. Definitely 2 corrective trades this week, just which 2? Liam Ryan definitely needs to come in. Thinking of dumping hibberd and Joe, both risks that have backfired spectacularly. Happy with most of my rookies


2270 with Ryan and Finlayson on the bench. I had Garlett and Murray on the field.


2334 and sitting in the top 3000.

No real obvious problems or fixes needed. Although Coniglio looks attractive, just need to figure out how to get him.


2,357 for me this week.

Have a couple of options that I’m looking at for this week, have $113k in the kitty:

  • Go Naughton straight swap to Bonner, or
  • Look to offload Dahlhaus who I took a punt on at the start of the year, although not sure if the Top 6 forwards have revealed themselves just yet so might hold fire.

Think I’ve got most of the rookies sorted, if there were good mid options outside of Holman and Kelly I would consider trading down Dow for extra cash but doesn’t look like there’s that many lying around.


Argh I had Murray too. And fritsch.


I assume you have Holman and Finlayson?

If not good trade down options.


Yeah have all of the standard rookies in the mids (Kelly, Holman, Banfield, Brayshaw, Barry, Dow) and then Finlayson, Doedee etc. in defence.


Yes have both.

Actually now thinking Hunter Clark to Ryan via garlett to midfield. Then do something with hibberd and hope that Joe goes bananas this week.

I knew Joe was a big risk, but last year he only scored one score worse than his two scores this year - which was against the Blues in a blizzard. Was expecting 70 as a floor.


Never go key position forwards… unless its buddy. Even then I’m waiting for his price to drop though.


Touch call.

Dahlhaus is going to drop 37K this week and I don’t think he is going to average 90 for the year.

Assume you have Devon Smith, Heeney or Buddy?
So what other premiums to target? Is Lynch back? Toby Greene to risky?

Then there is Naughton who if he puts in the same performance he will only ad 3k! whilst Bonner could put on 57K.

Good luck.


Yeah it’s a dilemma - I have Smith and Heeney but not Buddy, will wait until he drops in price as he always has a couple of sub-par games. I’m probably going to stick at it with Dahlhaus, he has the form over the last 4-5 years and think he can still get back to a 90 average, he’s out of contract which should make him play a bit better plus did ok in a belting in Round 1 so not all doom and gloom. General principle is to not jump straight into trading premiums!

I’m thinking Naughton to Bonner is the way to go and then sit and wait until the Top 6 forwards start to take shape - big scores by the key forwards is skewing things a bit at the moment.


The thing about Bonner is his big score has come in round 1. So there is a chance if he scores like he did this week (Which I expect would be closer to his norm) his one big score will be out of the price cycle very quickly. So you my be trading him in and then needing to trading him out in 3 weeks unless he spikes another big score.