Supercoach 2018


I am thinking of trading in Tim Toranto (mid/for) in supercoach.

Looks to be taking his share of midfield time and with Scully and his horrid injury I would imagine this will continue.



He’s had a ripping start but by the end of the season he isn’t going to be a top 8 midfielder. So he’s not a keeper.

So are you using him as a cash generator? a step up to someone else? both those moves require 2 trades, Taranto in and then out. He’s actually not going to generate you that much cash compared to other options and could cost 2 trades when he averages 95 for the rest of the year.

I’d say no but I’m not sure your setup.

Midpricers can be dangerous.


Yeah I was thinking if he can average 90 or 95 in forward and become my F6 that will be okay.


yes that’s an option. I think there may be up to 10 players that average over 100 this year in the forward line (up from last year). There is currently 20 players after round 2.

So Taranto will be in the next rung.


I didn’t trade after first round and left Libba in my team to see how Coniglio went 2nd round before trading him in. I think he is a lock now.

Also glad I dodged the Sicily and Lobb trains.


I did libba to coniglio. Coniglio is a premium when fit. He is such a cheap price looks like hes back to his best. Parker is also a nice option at 540k.


So I’ve stuffed up with two under priced premiums. One I can’t actually believe I picked in the first place - Rockliff and the other is Dahlhaus. At this stage I’m thinking of chasing points/avoiding cash wipe out by trading them both and bringing in Coniglio and Franklin.


I’d be doing that. Coniglio and Franklin will be going up after next week.


2261 with Ryan on the pine and stupidly forgetting Dusty as captain.

I have Zerrett and Armitage, keep or trade down?


I don’t pick bomber players just adds to my footy anxiety. Merrett will go down in price but overall a keeper.


I would keep zerrett, I think he will be brought in by a lot of ppl when his price drops


Just read Zac Langdon out for a month. Bugger


Hit 2335 with Liam Ryan on the bench. Just traded out Armitage and Townsend who between them gave me 117pts and picked up what I hope will be two cash cows and have 500K in hand ready for an upgrade when one of my cash cows drops the bundle.


Keep merrett. He wont go down too much and you know what you’ll get from him.


Who did you downgrade Armatige to? I’m assuming that player starts on field?

And you’ve left 500k in the bank? Cash cows don’t ripen for another 5-6 rounds. That’s a long time to leave 500k on the bench.


Anybody on the Zac Fisher train for Carlton? Pretty good start so far in a backline where Weitering is in very poor form.


Definitely worth looking at despite the awkward price.


I have Josh Dunkely who plays well but is not getting enough of the ball fed to him with how crap Bulldogs are playing. I am thinking a direct swap for the cash?

I am 100% positive that if I do that trade Dunkley will kick 5 goals against us. It’s in the Bible!


Doesnt matter when theres cash cows and rookies scoring more/the same as him that are much cheaper.


Bought in Holman and Fisher, both should make good money in the short term i.e. weeks 4 - 6 even if they were to have a couple of poor weeks.