Supercoach 2018


Didn’t know Taranto was a FWD too. Looks like I’ll do Naughton out for Doedee and probably Keiran Jack out for Taranto.


Got everything you need LB: Blitz, Dan Murphy’s and Supercoach.


Priorities my friend, priorities


Richmonds Higgins looks like he is going to debut this week.

Highly rated and should be on everyones radar. Just depends when you bring him in.
If you need his points now is the time.

If you can wait 3 weeks then he is a downgrade target of a ripened rookie!


Higgins def on watch list especially if Freo Brayshaw continues to score average.


Not sure whether to go Dow down to L Fogarty if named this week or wait two weeks, get a little cash increase then go to Higgins…


Higgins is only playing as Caddy out suspended.

And with Rioli due back soon his job security is not good


You have way too many awkward and mid priced players.


ok I’ve got some options and want some advice.
It revolves around McGrath in the backline (whom I think can average close to 95) and Armitage and O’Meara in the midfield.

I have 100K in the bank.

Should I:
Simply do Naughton to Bonner? and trust my instincts on McGrath, Armitage and O’Meara.
or use this round to restructure.

McGrath to Bonner
Upgrade Armitage to Coniglio.



Armitage to Nigs is a no brainer especially with what StKilda are dishing up.

I worry that Bonner is fools gold.


don’t have the cash unless I make another trade.


If it was me, I’d definitely do option 2 (Bonner & Coniglio). I personally don’t see McGrath averaging 95.

However my current rank is in the 73K range and I didn’t pick Coniglio or Cripps because I was trying to be different, so my advice might not be worth a whole lot. :laughing:


i love having McGrath though and perhaps that’s what blinded me in to picking him.

Would you keep Armitage or O’meara?


Having only 1 or 2 of McGrath, Armitage and JOM I’d be more inclined to hold. Having all 3 of those mid pricers seems like a big risk. Coniglio seems like he will outscore Armo/JOM easily and Bonner will make much more cash than McGrath.

I’d probably keep Armo over JOM. I considered Armitage in pre-season but did not consider JOM at all. Armitage is (slightly) ahead on points at the moment and is probably less chance of having his legs fall off.


Murray or Coffield on field this week?




you got any loopholes in the backline?

I have Sicily. I’m sitting Murray on the bench with the E on him. If he scores above 70 I will loophole him on.


loop free zone for me except having Cripps as Vice Looped tonight


Awkward 64 for garlett last night. Do I take that score? Have Liam Ryan and Fritsch, which one do I play, or will both outscore garlett?


Decided to go Naughton to Bonner, haven’t made the trade yet but in doing so I placed Murray as emergency, annoying!