Supercoach 2018


I missed Fyfe as VC.

Can put captain on Mitchell or Dusty.

What are people doing?


Both have scoring potential but for me Mitchell is the more consistent scorer. Maybe not as high as Dusty can, but an almost guaranteed 130+ every game. Luckily I was able to loophole Fyfe. Either Dusty or Mitchell may well outscore him but I’ll take the 160 in hand.


Shocking week 2132 with Sicily and Toby Greene on the bench.

Slipped 5000 spots to 8000th.

Few rookies to look at and a couple growing for a few weeks time which is good.
Danger low score means he is ripe for the picking in a couple of weeks!


2339 this week with Fyfe as captain via loophole. No trades needed at this stage.


Where are you overall?


4030 now.


6073 overall and I picked Dusty over Titch as Captain and made bad bench decision.


Some ok rookies available this week if you are looking to rejig your lineup.

The good news is that it is in all positions!

Ed Richards - Bulldogs - DEF
Matt Crowden - Freo MID
Esava Ratugolea - Geelong FWD.

All on the 2 game cusp before price changes.


Scored 2251, rank 296 and wins in all four leagues

Supercoach is treating me kindly this far


@BringBackBoris how are you ranked 296 with that score? Doesn’t make sense.
Unless you were ranked first last week.


I was 200, happy with only a modest slide under the circumstances. Funnily, I played the #1 ranked guy in one league and nudged him by 17 pts, it was a much tougher Rd than the first two.


When do we get Z Merrett in. He drops this week, but should drop more again next week?
Would you consider trading coffield in this week or wait another week

O’Meara was good, Armitage experiment is over for me.

Only really Essendon players letting me down, McGrath, Parish, Stringer.

Think Stringer should improve, he played better this week and was off for a bit with a sore eye.

Parish might be shown the door next week for Zerrett or Coffield.


I had O’Meara and Armitage. I traded O’meara!
Getting rid of Armitage this week.

Zerrett has a long way to slide. He has 3 crap scores in his price cycle and will plateau at around $500K. No hurry on him.


Always wait two weeks to bring a rookie in unless you have a seriously good reason.

Remember, prices are adjusted on a 3 week rolling average meaning a good first up game is forgotten very quickly.


I only have 1 Essendon player in Devon Smith in my team. Probably explains why I’m doing so well.


Higgins from Richmond holding his spot? Looks likely this kid has the confidence.


Get one more week of info on him and then decide.

Good downgrade option for next week.


I need to get rid of Freo Brayshaw.


I posted a couple of good options above.


Unless he gets dropped I’ll be holding, he only needs one good game