Supercoach 2018


anyone else having trouble with footywire breakevens? They look like last weeks breakeven figures…


Have somehow managed to score 2358, 2357 and now 2351. Ranked 480 with very un-Essendon like levels of consistency.


Liam Ryan out for 10-12 weeks.


Yeah, I noticed that. The games played not updated either, but prices have been. Weird.

Edit: seems to be fixed now.


That’s far from ideal .


Thats a shame i might need to rejig my trades



I just traded him in last week :cry:


Alright People-Who-Are-Better-at-Supercoach-Then-Me, what do I do?

I have lots of issues, this is how I rank them from biggest to least biggest:

  1. With Langdon and now Ryan out I’m exposed badly in my forwards - looking like I’ll have to play Fritsch and Garlett on field this week with no cover.
  2. I’ve got a rookie defender (Murray / Finlayson / Doedee) stuck on bench and out-scoring my mid rookies (Brayshaw / Banfield / Barry)
  3. Daniher is looking like a bust. Risky pick that hasn’t worked out.
  4. Kreuzer is looking like a bust, although it’s early days

Some of the options I’m considering

  1. Barry to Richards via Finlayson. This gets me more points by getting all of Murray / Finlayson / Doedee on field and gets Brayshaw / Banfield / Barry onto the bench.
  2. Ryan or Langdon to Balta (FWD/RUC), English sub to FWD. English can cover both lines.
  3. Daniher to anyone
  4. Kreuzer to Grundy or NicNat

I think the reality is I’ll have to hope Kreuzer comes good (same with Zerrett). Can’t afford to be trading fit(?) premiums early in the season.

Really not sure what to prioritise this week.


I will just start with …My teams not better than yours.

Kreuzer one is probably annoying as he is playing injured so wont score as well as last year, until he gets better.
I think Dainher played better alst week and should improve so might be worth persisting with him…

The forward i like that you don’t have is Petracca and price difference isnt that much to Daniher.

Z Merrett is a annoying hold for you as most will trade him in a few weeks a lot cheaper than what you paid.

I would do the trade to send Finlayson to midfield…as im not certain that English will hold his spot in doggies team when their rucks back.


With this Liam Ryan fiasco I am contemplating taking Sicily despite his bad temperament.


Trade Ryan down to a forward for $20,000 cash whose playing. (Dyland clarke might get selected :))
trade Daniher for Coniglio. switch fogarty to forwardline.

Kreuzer to Natanui and make some $$$


First thing is don’t panic.
Second rule is don’t trade out premiums.

  1. Two trades options exists for forwards this week. These guys are on the bubble. Both good options.
    Matt Crowden - Freo MID
    Esava Ratugolea - Geelong FWD.
    Cowdens duel positions opens up more options for coverage.

  2. Your defenders are making you some serious cash. I would leave them even if they are on the bench. They may come in handy. If you want to trade the Ed Richards - Bulldogs - DEF is an option.
    I would get rid of a mid if you have to. But personally I wouldn’t do anything.

  3. Daniher still could be anything. Houli’s option looks ok but Coniglio has already been through one price movement. Also it means you are playing Fogarty over Daniher in the forward line losing points there where in the midfield Fogarty isn’t exposed. If you have the cash after the Ryan trade I would try and get a premium forward. Someone who will stay in your team.

  4. Kreuzer is a great option and could easily be top ranked ruckman in any week.


The thing about Ryan is that his break even is -88.

This means he still has room to boom in price. If people trade him out I’m tipping in 10 rounds time he will be back in most peoples team.

Do I want to burn 2 trades on him?

So I’m leaning towards keeping him, using him as my loophole player and having for money growth and cover later in the year.


Me too except for a couple of things

First of all the forwards are already a problem, with lack of cover

Secondly I’ve done this before and it backfired spectacularly. I think it was heeney I did it with in his rookie year and his return date kept getting pushed back and he only returned very late in the season.


He might be a downgrade target in 10 weeks!


Good advice from the Ant above. I guess my initial impression would be that you should just ride out the week w no fwd cover and look at J Higgins next week. I don’t think Richards is can’t miss, particularly since your defence is basically set until the rookies (or Bonner) start maxing out.

1 Banfield is a bit more sturdy on field than Brayshaw at this point of their SC careers
2 I think you should keep Joe Dan but if you feel like you can’t handle it any more (completely understandable) I would think about Curnow, Petracca, Sicily who could end up being keepers.
3 I’d stick with Merrett, Kreuzer


I’m down grading Zerret to Coniglio this week then in three weeks I’ll upgrade OMeara to Zerret. Wastes one trade but saves heaps of cash.


Still good value at the price he’s at, if you don’t have to compromise too much to get him in. Probably last week to grab him. Personally, I’m disappointed I didn’t start him, and I can’t afford to get him in now.


I really stunk it up in the first round. Was placed 119,000. The #comeback has started. I’m back in to 78,000. I’m sticking with Zerrett but gee he needs to step it up.


I missed out on a BB league. Is there a BB Group I can join?