Supercoach 2018


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Langdon ahead out schedule and a big chance for next week.

I’m now thinking Ryan to Crowden and hold everyone else.

Thanks for advice everyone :grinning:


I have Dow, Brayshaw and Ryan which is a killer.

Debating whether to do one trade or two, Ryan down to one of the forwards on the bubble and then potentially Dow to Ed Richards (via Finlayson).

Leaning towards just the one trade and hoping that Dow can post one good score to get moving.


How many trades have you used?


Just the one, team below, about 23k in the bank.

Laird, Hibberd, Simpson, Bonner, Doedee, Finlayson (Murray, Murphy)
Danger, Martin, Mitchell, Fyfe, Cripps, Kelly, Holman, Brayshaw (Dow, Barry, Banfield)
Gawn, Goldstein (Olango)
Heeney, Dahlhaus, Billings, Smith, Fritsch, Ryan (Garlett, Venables)


My team has the same structure as yours. These expensive rookies simply haven’t worked out and i’m in the same boat.

I made two corrective trades last week and will trade Ryan this week. This leaves me with 200K in the bank and 27 trades.

So next week I will trade down to Higgins and look at a premo Mid (Danger maybe depending on what score he gets).

If you have a plan on who to target and how to get them then you have plenty of trades to do a double trade. But if are trading out of frustration I would hold and hope for a spike.


Yeah I don’t have an upgrade plan just yet other than grabbing Yeo in a few weeks - need Buddy to have his obligatory down patch in consecutive weeks to bring him back into play!


Dangers break even is 216.

Another sub par game and he will go under 700K. Fingers crossed.


Yeah look, not ideal.


Who here in B.B 3.0


I still have Zerrett but…hurry up and be good already.


Anyone sticking with Lairds 129? I can see Vince tagging Mitchell which makes him iffy.


Yup I am.


Not sure how much longer I can hold Brayshaw…


Made the last min choice to put the c on dusty over mitchell


Missed the loophole. Looked at my phone at 4.37 and it was too late.
Mitchell as captain cost me 5 wins!


2117 this week with Dusty VC loophole. Lost 1 blitz league by 1 point! Still ranked in the 4000s, tough decisions to be made re Kreuzer.


Billings killing me. Dropped 100K.

The only good news is Danger is going to drop another 40-50K this week and it will be time to pounce.


Yeo single handedly winning my game


So filthy I didn’t do Kreuzer to Grundy last week.

When does SC 2019 open?