Supercoach 2018


Getting beat badly in my office league. NB brought Charlie Cameron in this week (FML) and plan A is to trade him straight back out again for Parfitt. Does the blitz brains trust have any better ideas?


Don’t chase last weeks points. Look at history and try and work out who will be the top 6 forwards by the end of the year. Parfitt won’t be.


Another thing is don’t make angry trades.

I had O’meara and dumped him after 3 weeks. He has score 104 and 145 since. FMD.


Venables may be an issue for you yet.

I’m guessing you picked Cameron to make a little cash maybe hoping he’d increase his scoring to maybe 95 - 100ish?

Cash generation is still key.

You can’t guarantee anything but Parfitt probably won’t end up a top 10 scorer at year end meaning you’ll have to trade him out again.You’ve missed his scores to date and if he throws up a couple of 70s you’ll only make $40K over the next couple of weeks while that 168 is there. If he throws up a couple of 80s you only make $50K. A couple of 90s you’ll make $60K over next couple of weeks.

I don’t see how Parfitt keeps scoring above 90 with Selwood, Selwood, Ablett, Dangerfield and Menegola all commanding sports in the midfield.


Is T.Olango the most pick player in supercoach this year?


Scored 2,218. Top 4%.

My only issue right now is Armitage, thought he’d be a nice cash grower for me but Saints are trash.


Coffield might be a good downgrade for Armitage this week. His JS looks really good.


David Mirra might be better next week.

Price is 102K.


I thought the same and couldn’t trust JOM again. Ballsed that one up.


Parish traded to Merrett this week. I am confident Merrett is back now after that performance.

Also need to probably bring in another youngster cash cow any suggestions - How good was cunico!

I considered Bringing Parfitt in the other week missed that one.

I have midpricer mayhem really only WItherden, Coniglio & Omeara have worked

Armitage, parish, Kennedy, been busts.
MCGrath, McLuggage, Koldashnij not looking good, Bonner dropped off as well.

Happy with Rucks - Gawn & Nic nat, and Top 4 mids - Mitchell, Martin, Coniglio, Merrett,
Plus O’Meara & Kelly

Was Holman injured this week?

If i Downgrade someone this week, could bring in Dangerfield next week.


Another rough week sees me slide to rank 1024

I think I’ll be running with no changes. Coffield is tempting but my cash cows aren’t quite fat enough to justify it I think.


Kreuzer out again.

that’s the move to make this week.


Yeah I was already planning it, but the decision is made even easier now

Last week I would have made 40k from the trade and this week it costs me 60k. :disappointed_relieved:


OUT : Kreuzer, Armitage
IN: NicNat, Zerrett


i want to see another week out of Zerrett. With a break even of 130 his score won’t change much so it’s a chance to have a look.

Billings to Robbie Gray is my one trade this week.


I have my VC on Heeny who got a 123.

Keep or go Mitchell?


I’ve gone Mitchell. I think he’ll bounce back


Keep. I’d always take 120 plus. Mitchell could get Jacobs or injured. Don’t think the risk is worth the potential of 30 extra points.


Ignored you guys and your sage words and went Cameron > Parfitt and Venables (inj) > Crowden

I feel free. Had a win in my office league to distract from the Coll game.

The forward rookie situation is crazy this week though. Plan is to get The Guelf.


Yeah, so many of my cash cows have low BEs, so doesn’t make sense to give them the flick yet.