Supercoach 2018


That sucks. Parfitt late out today


Hopefully only foot soreness rather than anything more serious.
Went garlett > guelf so shouldn’t get a donut.


Seriously Jack Billing’s ?


Cripps averaging 120+ and Dangerfield at $640K with a breakeven of 151.

Although Dangerfield is below 640K I’m not even sure I want to bring him in now.


What do people think about Luke Dahlhaus? I started with him this year and he can score big but seems to be part of the problem at the Bulldogs in being a player that hasn’t rediscovered his premiership winning form. I’ve always like his attack on the footy, will he come back and be a good scoring forward?


I don’t think he’s a fwd premo right now.
The 455k price is a little awkward as there is not much value in the fwd line atm.
Could you bring in jpk and swing someone forward?
T McLean looking a lot more premiumy if you can stretch the dollars.
Otherwise I would be waiting for jjk to bottom out or billings to come good.


are you keeping Billings?

I still have him. Was thinking about moving him to McLean but I’m unsure.


Billings and St Kilda can’t get any worse. I was considering picking him up. I moved on from that thought though.


The two I’m looking at as fallen Premo’s are Dangerfield (although he is playing injured so I might wait a week, BE 151) and Dayne Zorko who cannot score any worse than he has been. His breakeven is high as well so I might wait a week. Problem is I’ve got $643K in the kitty which is a waste and will probably cost me some games.


Other fallen Premo’s I’d be looking at is Lachie Neale and Zach Merrett… sadly I started with both but they’re coming good now.


Zorko need to fix his attitude if he wants to start scoring points. He is showing no willingness to chase or run hard to make position. Not going near him personally at this stage.


I just chucked Zerrett in at bargain price. I was hoping to wait until after the port bye to turn Christensen into either gray or Westhoff but he could be replaced sooner. Everything else is going alright currently ranked 260th


Zorko scored 164 with 4 goals 10 tackles, 34 touches with 16 contested possessions. Wow.


Yep I picked that one… not


I agree with how you described his year to date though. Looked like a great game too!


Every other team has tagged him but I don’t think Collingwood did?


Correct. Tom Mitchell 50 possessions. Twice. Bucks doesn’t believe in tagging. I don’t imagine Zorko will get that much freedom again until he plays Essendon.


ok I’m after some pretty specific advice here.
Strategy during this section of the season is one down grade/one up grade. Any side swapping/correction trades should happen during the bye weeks.

Last week I traded in McCrae. This weeks target was McLean, until the Nic Nat suspension.
So I have 3 options noting I have 200K in the bank and 23 trades.

  1. Continue one down/one up and take the donut from Nic Nat. Downgrade to Spargo upgrade to McClean.

  2. Trade in cover for Nic Nat. Cameron (R3) to McInerney who is on the bubble. I use one trade for roughly 60 points and cover for the rest of the season. Use the second trade to either get McClean or Spargo.

  3. Trade Nic Nat to Grundy and downgrade to Spargo leaving the McClean upgrade til next week (although his price will go up 30K)

Any help would be great.


Are you playing for rank or trying to win your league?
(I’ve got a very similar scenario)


I’m in 6 leagues and I think that is the priority.

I’m sitting ranked at 4000.

I actually think I can take the donut. Why burn a trade for 60 points?