Supercoach 2018


Well the thing there is, in a league game, 50 points could be the difference. Plus, there’s the added benefit of some cover (although not sure who out of OM or Crossley has better prospects of getting multiple games) and then potentially could use as a downgrade if a good rookie ruck turns up.

I guess what I’m saying is that I am torn too.


Woohoo the big V on Macrae
Hope none of you are playing me


It’s getting ridiculous with McCrae. He just gets better and better and does all the hard grunt work. I don’t have him and obviously hope he cools off, but even then, now is the time to have him as he wont score like this all season.


V on Macrae for me too :slight_smile:


Holmans 122 sitting on the bench


Same here.


2386 this week and sitting in the top 3000.

I have Sicily, Laird and Yeo in my backline and am now looking at upgrading B4, B5 and B6.
Which defenders are next in line to be picked up?

the bolter in Lloyd?


I’m thinking Simpson. No Docherty, and he’ll certainly see plenty of play. That and he is fit and in great form. Lloyd was something else on the weekend. Normally a 90-100 scorer and pretty consistent that one was huge.


any love for Hurn?


I’m not sure yet. Will probably reassess after the byes there, same with Webster as they’ve never scored at this level before.


Yoswers, the guy currently leading the overall Supercoach rankings is from here.

Well done, Sir. Good luck, hope you keep it up.


From one of our leagues? Who is it?


Don’t want to completely give the person away

But if you are in the BB Group or the league “Bomber Blitz”, you can’t miss them


SnowSky killing it.


Only 30000+ behind him
I will make up ground this week :rofl:


Well I’m top of the ladder “stick in the tippa” so clearly I’ve not played him yet.


Brought in JPK as my Fyfe replacement :sob:
Also have Sicily like everyone else.
Only 3 trades left.


Is there much difference between this and AFLF?


Totally different scoring rules allow for adjustments according to quality of disposals.


Same but I’ve got Nic Nat as well!

5 trades left, soon to be 3.