Supercoach 2018


Thought it would be fun to play around with different teams


It’s actually not allowed. There was a controversy a couple of years ago with a contender for the final prize using two teams, one under his email, and one under his girlfriend’s. I think he was disqualified, or at least had to delete the second team. Can’t remember the details.

And believe me, it’s hard enough keeping up with one team. If you want to field other teams, you could try the other formats, which have slightly different scoring set-ups, as well. Can’t remember what they are called now. Used to be Dreamteam and something else. As I said though, its tricky enough to just deal with SC - for me anyway.


Fair enough. Thanks


i’m in thanks


In with No. 1 son


IIRC the administrators deleted both his teams without any avenue for appeal, etc. One of the teams was in the top 5 overall at the time.


The other thread has codes in them. I can remake bblitz 3.0 league and automatically sends the invites to people who were in it. Definatly get a few going though!


Anyone setting up a cash league?





I’d be interested in a cash league.


Joined as well.

…now, to pick and immediately tear down my team multiple times before round one :joy:


Joined mate.

My team name is Ally Dogs


Steamers are in too. only 2 spots left


Just grabbed the last spot


Just bumping this post as a reminder.


ok I’ll start the cash league.

$20 each. $360 prize pool.

$230 to the winner
$90 to the runner up
$20 (Money back) to 3rd and 4th

PM me for bank details and I’ll send you league code.


I also have a cash league.

It’s an 18 team comp, $20 per head.

Winner of the grand final takes all $360.

PM me for bank details and league code.

2018 FF Original discussion thread

Six spots left in the cash league. Pm me if you want one.


We may as well merge them FD.

I’ve only got 3 of us so far. I’ll send over details?


Sure thing.