Supercoach 2018


And transfer cash.


Just make sure those in your comp are happy with the winner takes all in my comp.


I’ll ask @Bruceboss


Though i’d bump this.


Have another cash league spot? @fogdog


Bruceboss is good for the merge.

Can you send him and myself a code please.



Yes. Three left.


Can you pm your acc. details and I’ll get on board. How much?


$20. Pm sent.



My mates created a league and we have a few spots left, people please join!


If anyone wants to join a highly competitive league, here’s one with some spots left: 441196


in League 455029 by 2 of us


Will go cash league if your desperate to fill.
Even though I will miss the end of the season


Any more spots @fogdog?


Yes, two more spots!


Pm’d ya.


If you get stuck and need someone to take a last spot, I’ll throw in a lobster.


There’s a vacancy if you want it :slight_smile:


4 spots left

BB league 842686


Ah why not. Already in a cashie, but might as well do another.