Supercoach 2018


No idea what I’m doing but




You’d be better of with Buddy over Daniher and keep Heeney. Instead of Kruezer I’d be going Jacobs. Armitage is a waste at 310K when Kelly could score the same and he’s on the bench.


My team is so dominant it’s not funny.

Captains loop on Dusty tonight, hence Jacobs on the bench.

May need to swap out Coffield if Cumming5 or Glass don’t get a run


I’m banking on Daniher improving his average by 5-10 points whereas Buddy is already fully priced. Daniher is definitely a risk but one I’m prepared to take.

Sauce Jacobs doesn’t interest me at all. Won’t be a top 4 ruck IMO.


Downgrade guys like Melican,Grimes,Sheridan to Rookies like Naughton, Murray, Cumming5 cause they’ll score the same and save you heaps of money. Then uprgade those rucks.Make sure your rookies on the bench are named for round 1 so you can make money of them to upgrade during the year


There is only one decision to make. Danger or no Danger.

he is at his top price. Do you take it on hoping for a slide? Or is he a must have?


If he plays round 1 he’s a must have in my opinion.

Unfortunately we probably won’t know until Sunday afternoon if he is playing round 1.


Thanks for the advice. Dropped Melican and Sheridan for Murray and Z Guthrie. Upgraded Dawn to Judas Ryder and Grundy to Kruezer


Mate, frankly, this is pretty far off. Here are some suggestions:


Your top 3 are fine. I prefer someone likely Siciliy over Mcgrath (for a similar price) given his likely role in mopping up at HB; however, he has a punchable face so understand if you don’t want him in.

Start again with your next 3. I’d trade Melican up to someone more likely to be a premium. Lloyd / McGovern (WC) and Savage are options. Grimes down to Brayshaw (Mel) / Bonner / rookie. Sheridan to Naughton (/another rookie).

Turf Mirra and Johnson for Doodee and S Murray (each who have been confirmed to play).


Top five are fine but I think this year you definitely want Fyfe so consider bringing him in. You may also need to trade one of those premiums down to say someone underpriced like Coniglio to free up some cash for other moves.

For a slight investment over Graham you could get someone like Armitage or O’Meara who look decent value.

No need for both Rayner and Fogarty in your mids, you only need one link to your forwards. I’d ditch Fogarty (he’ll likely be dropped when Tex returns) and pick up Brayshaw (Fre) if funds permit.

Other than maybe Holman, your mid rookies won’t play. Bring in Banfield and Kelly who each will.


Grundy is OK (would prefer Gawn but up to you). Use some cash to get rid of Daw - Martin, Ryder and Nankervis are all options.


Too many midprice players and you need to free up some cash for your other lines. Smith and Caddy look good.

I’d turf Martin, Betts, Robinson and Stringer (although you may wish to keep him) - grab one proper premium like Heeney, Billings or Buddy. Perhaps Petracca who looks like he will improve.

Then one or two rookies to play on the field. Fritsch (Mel) has been confirmed playing. As has Langdon (GWS) and Gartlett (Carl).

Each of Ryan (WC) and Venables (WC) look likely to play so they could complete your bench.


I think every team should have Gawn and he’s cheaper than Grundy. I’d swap them out and save yourself 30K


not my mate, someone calls justin…who cares anyway, just cream em. should be easy beats if they select blues players


I’d swap Coffield (he won’t play; Clark was announced as debutant while he wasn’t) for Naughton who is playing.

■■■■■■■ unlikely but Finlayson (also a GWS defender) looks likely.

Don’t think Nash will play (in fact, I don’t know who he is) but Doodee has been confirmed.


He the highest ever priced player for the start of the season.

If he doesn’t average the same or better his average then he is a mistake and that’s how the game works.

He will be a top 8 midfielder for sure and everyteam needs to have him but it’s when you have him or get him in your team will determine your Supercoach fate. Especially at the top 1% end.

I’m taking him on. I want to see how he goes with Ablett and his injury. I hope to pick him up for around $650 by around week 6 or 7.



Took all advice from yourself and @Vandrs have given and given it another go.


What price do you put on a trade though? Or realistically a double trade to get him in.

Last year he averaged 136, the year before 131 and 120 the year before that. It’s hard to predict, but for him to drop $100K in 6 weeks he’d have to drop his average down to around 100 - 110 at absolute best.

I’ve no doubt he’ll be cheaper, but I don’t think he’ll dip much below 700K which makes it extremely difficult to bring him in if you don’t start him.

And that’s not to mention the captaincy points you are missing out on. On last year’s averages this is worth 15 points per week you don’t have him.


Swap one of Kruezer/Ryder to Gawn.
Get Tim Kelly,Andrew Brayshaw in your midfield. Jack Graham is yuck!!
Swap Zac Guthrie to Naughton. Ditch Johnson for a playing rookie( check teams tonight)


Looking much better but you will need to get some guys on your bench that are playing this week (and beyond). These guys make cash allowing you to buy better players. Here is a place to start;


Is Jaeger O’Meara worth a punt at 315k? I’ve freed up a lot of cash and can upgrade one of my lower mids?

Upgraded Pidge to J.J.


Thanks btw guys haven’t played properly in many years