Supercoach 2018


Happy with my field now. Just need my bench rookies


Any chance Dom Barry actually plays round 1.
I imagine my team will change a bit after rd 1 teams announced.
I have Simpson, M Kennedy, jack Graham and Josh Caddy selected in my team.
from Tigers/Blues - no real captain choices there.


For all the guy who are new/newish to Supercoach there here is a brief guide on how to play.

Try and fit in as many premiums as possible ( 3 defenders/3-4mids/2rucks/3-4forwards), these are the guys you hope will be in the side all year barring any injuries. Always,ALWAYS pick 2 premiums rucks.

Then fill out the side with rookies who look to play nearly each week and will increase in value, these are you cash cows. Once these cows are fat a juicy then it’s time to trade them out and bring another premium eg. IN: Dangerfield , new rookie OUT: Tim Kelly and Nick Holman. The minute rookies start to score lower than their average it’s time to drop them as their value will plummet

There is almost always no point picking mid priced guys across the field as they may not score much more than the cheaper rookies and they wont go up enough in value. You only pick a mid pricer if they are a chance to be a premium come seasons end which is very rare ( although Oliver did it last year).


I’m projected 1688, I’ve changed my team that many times


When I first posted my team my projection was 1611 its now 1832


Projections at round 1 are messed up. The basement priced rookies will be projected for 21 - 25 points. You’d be hoping for 50 from each of them at an absolute minimum.


im all in on the midpricers…
I think Caddy could be a top 6 forward.

Bombers I have ran with
Parish, McGrath, & Stringer…not sold on stringer.


Anyone else have spots they need filled?


That’s why I took J-BOMB. Absolute bargain.


Blitz 3 with a few spots left


Both my brothers a blitz members/lurkers ill get them in


I have a few to change. Added in Walters before, but before him I had 400k in the bank.



The problem with supercoach now is there’s so much info out there that everyone has pretty much the same players except for a handful, so it mostly boils down to a captain choice and who is playing vs who is on the bench.


I guess that’s where we differ.

I think he will go backwards slightly with Ablett rotating through the middle. Then there’s the injury thing. I thing you just aren’t getting value or growth at that price. One low score and he plummets.
Well that’s what I’m hedging on.

I think Cripps and Fyfe can both get to Dangers average for much less.

Everyone has their own strategy. Once you set it you gotta stick with it.


Armitige also worth a look.
2016 Average was 109.7. Last year he was injured.


That’s why theres PODS and also captain & rookies loopholes that people smart enough do for maximum points


Yup. It’s only a single player or two and captain choice between win/lose. Early days in supercoach you and your opponent had only a handful of identical players.


For bombers I went with Hurley, zerrett and Smith. Not sold on anyone else


I’m seriously considering starting him…