Supercoach 2018


If you are picking Bombers then Devon Smith is the must have.


Can I have the details for Blitz 3 if any spots are left please


Yeh I think he should have a good year. and he is a forward. He’s in my fantasy team.




In. thanks


I look at it like this.

If you have a million bucks to invest there is no use using it in Northcote. Although fashionable it has little growth potential compared to Altona North.

So with a million you can have:
Cripps $539K and Devon Smith $439K.
Cripps has average 107 and I project he could go to 120+ this year. He will end up at $650K
Smith averaged 100 last year and could go to 110+. he will end up at 550K.
So your investment is 230+ points worth $1.2 Mil.

Dangerfield is $749K and grab Brayshaw $198K
You can bank Dangerfield’s 135 point but have no growth.
Brayshaw if he goes well could average 80 and hit $400K.
So your investment is 215 points and worth 1.15K.

But there is risk with Dangerfield as he is fully priced just like a northcote house that needs to be underpinned and next door a brand new house is being built.
Dangerfield has been injured and it may hamper him and what effect does Ablett have?

So I am betting (taking him on) that he will drop to $650K. At some stage a midfielder may get injured for a side swap or I will upgrade a rookie or two that have topped out.

But the one thing I do know is there is no way his price is going up. Simply no chance so why buy so high?


I am the pale ales


If you’re mentioning injuries you have to mention Cripps is coming off basically 2 months off and Smith has a history of injury concerns.

I’m not sure where you’re finding those averages from, Devon Smith averaged 79 last year whilst Cripps averaged 97 last year although he did average 107 in 2016. Basically you can look at it like this, Dangerfield will always get you that 130+ week in week out, he’s the best for a reason and you can get yourself another 30+ odd points to boot when you put the captaincy on him. He won’t have a bad week like most other midfielders, he won’t give you an 80 once a month. Brayshaw is surely going to basically be a top get for most coaches, he’ll score well (not much below Devon) and make you money for a cheap price.

I see what you’re saying and fair enough, personally I have 3 of the 4 you mentioned.


Sorry yes. Wrong average for Devon.
If Brayshaw average’s what Devon averages then it will be the greatest supercoach rookie years of all time. Also he is double the price of some other rookies. He is going to need to t justify his price.

It doesn’t change my projection for him and that is what you base your decisions on.

Dangerfield is a must have just not now IMO. It’s too high and he will come back to the field. My POD is not picking him and using my points elsewhere.

Anyway. Teams are out. Time to make some changes!


I’m prepared to buy so high because there is a heap of variables that your house analogy doesn’t account for.

For a start trades are limited and valuable. If I know I want danger I don’t want to spend two trades getting him. Secondly I don’t think he will get anywhere near 650k. That’s a subjective opinion we differ on. Thirdly it’s a competitive game against other players. I see having danger from the start, with his Captain points, as a big advantage over the competition who need to use two trades to get him just to save themselves 50-100k at best.

I realise it’s a risk, a rather big one, that could completely blow up in my face :slight_smile:


Why did I drop Cripps


cos you wanted Danger.

Martin is as good a captain this year. Hope you have the loophole on!


Got the loophole on, I dropped Cripps for Mitchell so il reserve my judgement


Why do scores not display on the SC app?


It stopped working halfway through the second quarter. Jump on fanfooty for scores.


If anyone wants to join another SuperCoach league we have a few spots in ours.League code is 955009


Dont stress. It doesnt include the rookie scores cause their projections are 0 or low as they have never played


Why does anyone care about the loophole?

SC means ■■■■ all for the first 3 rounds.


Afl does dream team. I have a app on Samsung’s only that show live supercoach scores so you dont have to pay. Called fooyinfo


Overall rank.