Supercoach 2018


Overall score


Fair enough.

I just care about touching up my best mate :joy:


Love is love now right :rainbow:


Walked straight into that one :joy::joy::joy:


Need to start one of Banfield or Barry with Dow only scoring 30 odd - who is better?


Barry has been excellent when gets space. Not sure Freo will allow it so I’d be going Banfield, hard at it and hits scoreboard.

I’ve got him as my mid emergency

Spewing about tonight - Caddy has 50 to half time and then only gets 84. Kreuz was on absolute fire and then does a groin… going to be a trade early on I think as his running power is part of reason he normally scores well.

Thankfully Dusty went big


Very nice team evs. Not sure Joey will pay off week to week, but it will be a fun ride.


You look at it like that hey?


I hope you kept him @scotty21


Barry I reckon.


Are you talking about subbing Dow?
He is locked now and can’t be moved.


I had him as an emergency in case he scored well (would then loophole with Dangerfield), but now have to back one of the others to score.


No to bad considering zerretts 17.

Under performances from Grimes, Kreuzer and Stringer but big overs from Garlett, Murray and Z Guthrie

Huge numbers from Buddy, Dusty, Mitchell and Gawn

Holmans (GC) 95 on the bench hurts.


1952 - M Kennedy only 3 Hurt & also had Libba 13 acl. Had Holman on bench with 96.
Should have used Kade Simpson loophole captain.
Jack Graham was good.

who are the must gets this week?
Glad i didnt have zerett had him in fantasy as well as libba and kennedy - cost me big time there.


Brought in Tim Kelly for Libba.


I stunk it up massively. Made some really poor choices. It’s going to be a long year.


I thought 2242 would be pretty good then saw I was 400 points from the best score!! A few incorrect rookie starters hurt me a bit.

Happy with my premiums except Keiren Jack who I bought in on Thursday for Sicily!! Doh.


2126 for mine with Zerrett and Danger to come back in.


Kind of disasterous 1,984. Zerrett and Kreuzer injured, brought in English on Friday in case Kreuzer misses a game and English out scored Kreuzer! Played Naughton (25) ahead of Finlayson (87) and Barry (44), Banfield (51) and Brayshaw (58) all ahead of Holman (96).

Decision to pick JoeDan ahead of Buddy, against the advice of @The_Ant looks a poor decision after 1 round, hopefully Joe can break Buddy’s 8 goals at Optus this week :laughing:


2376 with T Kelly, Holman and Finlayson on the bench. Could have topped 2500 if I played the right plays onfield.

Dangerfield next week. Hooefully scores a sub 100 in his first 3 games to bring his price right down! Otherwise I’m ■■■■■■.