Supercoach 2018


I scored 2116.
This was including libatores 12, merrets 17, raynars 35 & naughton 25.
Finlayson, Holman on the pine.

Traded libatore to Coniglio.


That’s a very good score considering those under-performers.


Libba to Coniglio for me already.

I am kicking myself for taking Siciliy out of my team though.


And I took out Bonner for naughton before the jump. Fml


Any advice Blitzers (I’m not in a league with anyone on here)? Scored 2155 with Merrett & Libba.
Sounds like Merrett is going to be out again, so thinking I’ll burn a trade there and skip the price fall.
Got $62,100 left over before trades ($496,700 trading only Libba).

If trading only Libba, I’m looking at a; Acres, Westhoff, O’Meara, Touk Miller type trade. Acres is the interesting one there, can he go on for a whole year?

Trading both Libba & Merrett, I’m looking at scenarios like;

  • Two of; Parker, Cripps, Heppell.
  • Acres and one of Mitchell, Martin, Dangerfield.
  • Move Heeney into the Midfield, get a Greene or Billings FWD, and get a Parker/Cripps/Heppell.

Heppell & Acres are two of my biggest questions. Is it a role change for Heppell, is going to sweep half back a lot more (like Friday) collecting marks and possession like that every week. Is this Acres breakout year?


Don’t trade zerret. You have plenty of cover.
He may play and will be back for next week for sure.

Simply trade Libba to Cripps.


That would be great, but I can’t afford Libba to Cripps.

I’ll wait until teams are announced, but if Zerrett is out I don’t see the point in holding him. League plays for total points as well.


Sorry thought you had 492 + 60k.

I wouldnt burn a trade for one week. You have good bench cover.

This is the issue with mid pricers if they go down! Hard to trade out.

Even if you down grade to O’Meara or Armatige or someone like that you have 200k just sitting there.


True… although Libba was a mid-pricer in name(price) only…except for the dodgy knees part…


What about going Libba to Jack Graham or Tarranto

Or swap Heeney in midfield, English into forwardline, and draft a cheap forward ruck. and bank the cash from Libba.

really first couple weeks trades is picking the rookies you missed, but you have got most of them.


Hmmm…interesting on Graham & Taranto


I know I’m late but any leagues out there I can join? Send me the code


I honestly wouldn’t burn trades til week 3, unless you’re gunning for overall win.


Going to be a hard choice of captain this week. Cant loophole Danger & Titch.


I’m going for overall win I wouldn’t be trading.

You’ve spent all preseason doing the research so why throw it away after one week? You get a free week of information before the price changes so it should be sit on your hands unless you have a major injury like a Libba or Ryder.

Even Ryder is 50/50 if you have ruck coverage.


Dodged an absolute bullet tonight

Brought in matt crouch for Danger last week planning on just going back to Danger with the spare cash once he was back

Ummed and ahhhhed on taking Danger in case he misses Monday’s game. Did it in end. Crouch hammy 1st q.

Thank fark I made trade

Dusty VC going very nicely also


Considering trading out Lycett for Olongo and going with English as 2nd ruck for a while to take advantage of Dusty’s Captain loophole. Is that completely stupid? Doubt i will hold onto Lycett for long anyway and can upgrade English when his price jumps.


Trades are valuable, using 1 up just so you can take a loophole score that might save you at most 50-60 points is crazy. Tim English has very poor job security and could easily be dropped or rested in the next few weeks, which means you’d have to trade again to avoid a donut.

I’m in similar position, VC’d Dusty and the only way I can take it is if Dom Barry gets dropped tomorrow. If Barry is named I’ll take my chances with Danger. If you didn’t start with a perma-loophole it’s not worth trading one in after 1 week. Some of your rookies will get dropped in the next few weeks and loophole options will open up. Don’t waste a trade.


Dont trade merrett. Doesn’t matter he will fall no matter what because of his first score but it doesnt change till after they play 3 games. But you wouldnt trade him he is a premium. This is a way to burn trades which isn’t good especially this early. Plus he will score normal. Set and forget


I did libba to coniglio.

From last night’s game I scored 655 from 3 players (dusty C)