SuperCoach 2019


Hey guys,

Looks like you can start picking your team for 2019 already.

Merry Christmas


I’ve just started my team. Made my team with about 30 seconds remaining before cutoff last season and was on the backfoot from the word go. Can anyone help with where to get some free advice from? It all seems to be behind paywalls that I can’t crack.


When you are picking players in SC there is a column that says “own” It shows percentages of most picked players so it should help you.


There is a few websites dedicated to supercoach like and



I’d be interested in a cash league again.



Projected R1 score: 1818
Remaining salary: $27,500
Essendon players: Joe Dan, The Langford, McGrath, Zerret, Zlarke
Most expensive player: Max Gawn ($692k)

Verdict: I’m happy with the defense:
B. Smith, Laird, Whitfield, C. Rozee, Witherden, McGrath, Quaynor, M. ■■■■

Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe, J. Kelly, Zerrett, S. Walsh, T. Thomas, W. Setterfield, B. Smith, L. Stocker, I. Hill

And ruck brigade:
M. Gawn, S. Martin, Zlarke

But not liking my forward line. It doesn’t have any superstar scorers. Langford, T. Greene, J. Daniher, I. Rankine, S. McAdam, C. Burgess, N. Blakey, B. Cavarra



Just my opinion and not a general rule. Defence is maybe too strong while not being a safe bet. Reset it while getting Danger forward.
From my experience starting strong is not the best method. Just get by while making coin.
I went pretty well with a method to get team value 12-13 mill by the end of byes. By then it was all elites and only trades were injuries.


Has anyone started an Essendon league?


Have 4 options on tooserious (cash leagues)


How are they scoring kick outs this year with the new rule?


You’ve got too many risky Bombers for a start. Zerrett is a good pick. The others remain speculative so far as SC is concerned. Actually I think you’ve got too many risky picks overall. You can have a couple, but too many is a recipe for disaster.

There are many strategies, but try to avoid too many midprice players in general. Forward-line looks very thin in particular and I agree with Maxx - you’ll need Danger.

Keep working at it. Research is the key.

Two keys:

  1. Choose the guns you want to keep for the whole season, you can’t afford to waste trades on correcting them - outside of injury.

  2. If you don’t get most of the right rookies, you won’t make enough cash to complete a strong team.

That’s just some quick feedback.

Good luck. It’s a fun/frustrating game.


For those wanting a social league:



Thanks Daniel




The Rock is in.


8 spots left in the social league


I’m in! Cheers mate!


Me too


Still a few spots left in the cash league:

$25 per head.

Grand final winner collects $360

Runner up collects $90

PM me for details.


Righto I’m in. I had a career worst year last year so only way is up.