SuperCoach 2019


Yeah not by much though. It’s probably the best first round I’ve had in about 15 years of playing.


I’d join but then you’d know my name


Don’t be ashamed of it Priscilla.


Joined but I don’t see anything…


Ok, now I do


Thanks for joining Alfred.


@Klawdy Ridley being dropped was doubly annoying for you too I see.


Joined the group.

Not as popular as it once was, but easier to compare across everyone.

Hopefully I smash all you panlickers.


Massively. Supercoach and panic dollars.


Sooooo to add insult to injury this weekend I chucked Gawn on the bench so I could loophole Grundy. But forgot to whack the E on Gawn. Oops.




Anyone killing it this year?
I’m not doing as well this year but currently top 3000



Ranked 27,000 lol. Projected score is over 2400 next week, so could be worse. Traded out a lot of my depth last couple of weeks so may struggle with upgrades moving forward.

Currently have 13 players averaging over 100 And two in the 90s. Have 13 trades left


13 trades left?! Wowee


Nope. Going absolutely crap.


Yeah, the trading wand will be put on the bench for a few weeks :joy:


Ranked about 6700… so a bit meh. Also been heavy on the trades, 15left but only need to make 1-2 over the bye period