Supercoach 2020

Have set up a league.

ID - 197564

I know it’s early.

Anyone welcome.


Thanks mate, I’m in!

In as well

I’m in!


In. Don’t know why I bother though. Was horrendous last year.



In. Looking forward to holding up the leagues I play in again.

I’ve joined

Signed up for the punishment.

I’ll have a crack this year.

Another League here

Group name: Essington
Code: 278481

Joined the league.

In. Looks like I snagged the last spot.

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I am running a separate cash league if anyone fancies their chances. $50 buy in, send me a PM to find out more.

Fair to say there aren’t a lot of Supercoachers at BB. Was going to start another BB league, but don’t think it’s worth it - especially given the current state of “play”.


I re created bomberblitz 3.0 league
we had heaps last year

I’m In…hope it goes for more than 1 round

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I’m in
I will put No. 1 son in too

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