Have set up a league.

ID - 919239

I know it’s early but is essentially how I kick off the research for my FF team.

Anyone welcome. I am a bunny and will get my ■■■■ handed to me regularly in supercoach


Cheers mate “Jets at the Hallam” is in.


Happy for any advice.


I think it needs a bit work mate. You need to try and start with as many “Premiums” as possible before Round 1. Looking at your side I see maybe 4-5 players that would be classed as premiums, Parker,Fyfe,Heppel, Beams and maybe Adams.

Parish, Mathieson and Brayshaw aren’t worth being in the mdfield. You could start your midfield bench in their spot and they’ll score the same. Downgarde those 3 to other rookies who will get games early in the year. Use all that coin to upgrade guys like Wood,KK,Carlisle,Dunkley etc into the premium range.

Sorry but the forward line looks putrid. Scrap it. Hoskin-Elliot will play most weeks so swap him for Burton. McGlugg is a FWD too so bring him in for Curnow. Look for other rookies like Bowes and Jarrod Picket to go on the bench. You should have enough in the bank to get 3-4 guys at 450K who you can keep all year.

Oh and get rid of Boyd in the ruck. Mumford is overpriced too. Grundy and Jacobs are better value, Ryder is very very cheap too. You need to start with 2 gun rucks and not have to worry about upgrading that spot.


In & I’m gonna win this year instead of 9th like every other year


I’m in, Burragate Bombers


I’m in. Not sure how active I’ll be.
First one of these for a few years.

In & I'm gonna win this year instead of 9th like every other year

Hey 9th is usually my spot


I’m in as well RedB Squad. Thanks Allblack!


Mitcham Dons is back!


In again. The league needs a true identity though. :stuck_out_tongue:




Any spots left?


League is full.

Bomberblitz #2 League ID 121423


Joined league 2 - Eddystone FC


my team, “Nonsense on Stilts” is in


Bomberblitz #2 League ID 121423

In. “HarlemJobeTrotters”



Hasselhoffs Yambag


Jacaboys are back