Begley IN.


Bomberblitz #2 still has 5 spots left for anyone looking for a league. Would be good to fill it up instead of having auto-randoms.


I joined. Raz a mataz


1 spot left in BB2


I got it. The Rock is in!


Any other leagues being setup?

Is there an Elite league this year?


any spots left on anyone’s supercoach leagues?


521138 & 730464


Alright lads im guessing mos of leagues have already been filled? I’m gonna make a league for purely us bomber blitzers(a 3rd one by the looks of it) Will post up the code soon!
I’m in bali and have been spending alot of time going through all supercoach teams, players, sites and even broadcasts and podcasts so im happy to give some advice!


Yep, keen to join! Add me if you can, Team Name - Jurrassic Mark


The league code is 848266
If you need help in joining it let me know.
Go to leagues
Then click I was invited to join a league
and put the number in


Check my recent post :blush:


First year not doing SC. I’m in way too many fantasy footy leagues


I have 2 spots left in a cash league. $20 entry. The grand final winner gets $200.

Send me a PM if interested.


I’m in…someone has to make everyone else look good


In in. Fozendon


I am in Jake.

“Maybe this year”…Not likely though.


My league now full.


I’m in. This must be the hardest year ever to pick a team.


It sure is.
Alot of people running 2-0-4 in their backline (2 premiums 0 mid-priced and 4 rookies)
I’ve got a fairly balanced team I think!