10 spots left :blush:


Theres just so many good rookies in the backline potentially - Stewart, Hampton, Otten, Marchbank

My Backline is Shaw, Mills, Murphy, Thurlow, Marchbank, Otten, Hampton, Stewart.


Yeah! I had thurlow but moved him out.
Rumours that marchbank may be a late out tonight, watch closely!
6 spots left to fill guys come on!


If Marchbank is out, that will cause a re-shuffle of my side. Hope they announce it early!


4 spots left guys come on fill them up!!


Its Jed Lamb who is out so you are all good.


Champion Data must be ran by a couple of muppets or virgins this year as the scores are all over the shop on Herald Sun and Fan Footy


Anyone keeping Gawns 128 as captain?

Or jumping on to Danger?


Well one thing has gone right for my team this year. Took a risk on Lloyd over Howe and he was Swans top scorer tonight with a 115 pre-scaling.

Unfortunately need to make a couple of rookie corrections and even more importantly dumpget Hanneberry the hell out of my team.


Oh man not the week to switch to Heater as Captain


This year seems to be particularly difficult. The mid pricers are obviously in vogue but if they’re not going to be top 10 in mid/forward/defender will they generate enough cash to complete everyones side?

My team could seriously crash and burn…


Considering trading Sandilands out for Witts in. Younger and more durable. Any opinions?


They have the Dogs this week - No proper ruckman there could see a decent score from Sandi. I have him too. Will look to upgrade into Gawn later in the year.


I traded in hoskin Elliott and oliver
Out mills and mccarthy


Yeah I went WHE for that Freo spud too


Picked Witts at the start of the year and returned an 85 and 100.

No real competition for his spot is the only concern, but seeing as he is at his second club he should have enough motivation to keep it going.


I traded in Hoskin Elliot and Dan Butler for Hibberd (Kangaroos rookie) and Vickers-Willis.

Only looking at rookies at the moment but I note alot of people trading premium and mid price players eg. Hannebery, Ryder out etc trying to get in Nankervis, Oliver, M Murphy.

I’m endeavouring to conserve trades this year and avoid what looks like sideways trading. Does conserving your trades really pay off later in the year?


it can do when injuries hit but it has to be balanced against a negative cash flow, At the end of the day it’s no good having 20 picks with 8 rounds to play. If you see value you should use a pick. If you don’t see value and are trading just because everyone else is that is just panicking and will get you nowhere long or short term

For example look at Hannerbery into Oliver.
Premium price player scoring terribly which will drop his dollar value meaning you don’t have points now and will lose money.

Oliver is mid priced and scoring like premium, which represents a bargain as you gain points and money.

Switch the two and you come out on top for another future upgrade down the track.


If you sell Oliver when he reaches his peak or what you think will be a peak. At the same time I guess you buy Hannebery at $420K as his form is turning around? So 2 picks for a $200K gain I’m guessing?


Yep, Hannerbery will drop after this round and Oliver will rise after this round (Price)