They have the Dogs this week - No proper ruckman there could see a decent score from Sandi. I have him too. Will look to upgrade into Gawn later in the year.

You don’t see Campbell as a proper ruckman?


My mids are Hepell, Watson, Murphy, Omeara, D Swallow, Oliver, Fyfe, beams, gaff, petrevski seton barett


If any of you are in my league, your in trouble, I’m on a roll
Im coming in 443rd (will drop 20000 next week)
Is anyone one better
if you haven’t gotem getim in now
Houston, Hoskin Elliot & Powell-Pepper
PS keep Sandi, while he’s making money


Ahh, forgot he was back. Shows why I do so well in supercoach…not


I’ve got Whodrew this week. No idea who that is.


and your forwards are Roughy, Nankervis, Heeney, Billings, Touk Touk, Ryder yes?


Anyone taking T. Adams 122 for Captain


i’m taking pendlebury 125 vc score

no idea how he scored that much


and my trades this week were mccarthy --> whe and t lynch to toby the nank engine. held my nerve on hanneberry and very glad i did.

$200k in bank.


Anyone taking T. Adams 122 for Captain

Think I will.


Had Gawn as captain. goodnight.


Downgraded Goldy to Witts and upgraded O’Meara to Dusty.

Pretty happy with my midfield for the moment.

Now just have to strengthen my forwards next.


Not sure to downgrade Gawn to Witts and jump on Newman before his price jumps or downgrade Gawn and use the case to upgrade JOM or someone.


I’m thinking I’ll do Gawn to Stefan. Not sure if I’ll grab Newman as all my backs have been playing. Stewart looks the likely swap as I could see him getting dropped this week.

Side Note: Just saw Ryder luckily only got a week. Phew!!! Would’ve traded him out if it was 2-3, but I’ll take the doughnut this week.


This week I did Joel Smith to Newman and Gawn to Grundy.

$273K sitting there needing to be used next week. Watch your back Taranto.


I was going to make Dahlhaus VC but changed my mind at the last minute, ****


Dahlaus VC, :laughing:You bewdy


What are peoples views on Kade Simpson? He was one of the top ranked defenders last year and has had a few quiet rounds to start 2017 and has dropped significantly in price. I’ve only seen him against the Bombers which was in the wet so not a real indicator of structure. Is his drop in scoring just a blip or has he changed roles? At $489K is he a viable upgrade target?


Would probably hold on Simpson myself, age can slow players down. Surely Lloyd or someone would be a better upgrade target.

Which midfielder should I upgrade JOM to? Thinking Martin?


Danger, Martin and Pendles all have high break evens this week.

Martin is a gun, I had him last year as he had DPP. Didn’t pick him this year after he lost it. The top players for mine are Danger, Pendles, Rockliff, Bont, Sloane and Fyfe will end up there.

Martin hasn’t averaged more than 108 over a year before and I think his scoring is linked with the Tigers form so for me - are richmond the real deal? Cotchin is up and about and Prestia helps, but I’m not sure. They’ve got Melbourne, Adelaide away, the Bulldogs, Fremantle here and GWS away so we’re about to find out. I’m targeting a couple of others before him so will wait to see.