I think I’ll probably use 3 trades on most bye rounds so may hold this week. Picked up Walters in draft league so hopefully he can continue :slight_smile:


out - Marchbank, McGrath in- Hibberd, Scharenberg

Leaves me with 3 prem defenders to bring in.


Lloyd :frowning:
4 points. He’s been so consistent. One of my best starting picks.




One trade this week, Taranto out, Greenwood in.

Leaves me with 400k try to bring in Docherty and Roberton before rnd 13

Walters sucks!


Hows everyones team going?

I haven’t completed mine with Newman (and Johanissen), Nankervis (in ruck) and Greenwood all on field.

I’m in Allblacks? public league and hoping to make abit more of a move up the ladder. Picking off those who’ve abandoned their side :slight_smile:

Its been an interesting year and I’ll probably play it abit differently next year and look for different opportunities to make money. Oliver, Murphy, Nankervis, Yeo were all opportunities for those that got them early and then had the guts to sell them at their highs.


was 40th after round 2
now i’m 40000+
terrible year


I’ve gotten my team to full premo almost. Scored 2358 and just brought in Docherty today for Newman and another trade for some $$ so i can upgrade Nankervis to gawn next week. Will leave me with 2 trades & Greenwood as my last forward - boy he is scoring like a boss


Anyone know the rules around emergencies of dual Eligable players.

for example if I play Ryder in the forward line with an E on him, if I get a donut in the ruck will his score count in the ruck??




Bummer thanks.


Scored 2530 but lost by a point in the cash league.



I lost a prelim with a score in the high 2400s too. There must have been some mammoth scores this week.


I saw Jay Clark from the hun scored over 2700. Has a bench full of playing players and 4 trades!

Lost my prelim in blitz league by 7 points, despite getting easily my best score of the year with 2453


Spewing ive had a rough week and forgot about my supercoach & im on track for 2450 in a final and i still have greenwood on my field. If i realised earlier on saturday i could have swapped some players around with DPP so i could get luke ryan or heath shaws score. Ah well fingers crossed i can still win!


Damn Buddy, saves his best game for final against me.


Jets At The Hallam went alright.


Will anyone be setting up a Bomberblitz Supercoach league this year?


Will be several


Have just set up a private league

First in… best dressed. I am already there and totally ■■■■■ at supercoach. I use it in part to prepare for fantasy footy. Join and don’t come last!