I’m in


The Rock is in.


Can set up the same leagues as last year, ill re create the bomberblitz 3.0 league and whoever was in it will get a link to join again plus im sure we will be able to add in extras!!






Well done to all the Blitz Supercoaches out there, thanks for a great comp! I had fun with my premiership winning team The Rock.
See you all next season!


Farrrrk I lost by 18 last week to get knocked out of the cash league then scored a 2700 this week. Of course.
Congrats to the winners though, well played!


What rank did everyone finish?


I finished 4978.

Not a bad year but I really missed the Grundy train. That alone cost be 30-60 points a week.

I won the Viper League. Is that the cash league?


Finished 26th in the end. So close yet so far.


That’s crazy.

What was your highest rank and lowest rank?

What was the strategy? You must have gotten on to every good player on the upswing.


Yep, beat me in the GF. Just too good in the end, but not having Grundy this year really cost me as well.


Highest and lowest round rank or overall? I opened the season at 24,680, was in the top 1000 by round 9 and then kept improving each week from there. 26 was my peak.

I usually do quite well, my strategy differs a little from the norm. I believe that 30 trades is more than enough, and so I trade hard early and continually until my team is fully upgraded. The way I see it, the aim of the game really is to have a full-premo team, and the majority of the teams will have the same top-scoring players, so you really need to get there as quickly as possible to gain an advantage. That does mean going early on rookies frequently, but if you watch the games and do your research (and have some luck) it usually works out. Also, no expensive rookies. That’s the Golden Rule haha.


Spiralled to 1925 after floating in the 200s and 300s. Got burnt with injuries that wasted trades.


Yeah you don’t want to get a week behind in the upgrades.

I made a few errors that cost me.

My ruck combo was Gawn and Nic Nat. When Nic Nat went down I didn’t quite have enough to go to Grundy so I had to go to Martin.

I picked two mid pricers in O’mera and Armatige. Never recovered.

Made some good calls.
I took on the Dangerfield price and didn’t pick him at the start of the year. Picked him up at $597K about round 9.
Coniglio was a great starting pick.

But overall I just never seemed to get the VC and C right and it cost me week after week.

But Witherdons hamstring last week cost me 3 prelims. And that hurt the most.


Sounds like we made a lot of similar calls! I also started Cogs and went the Gawn/NicNat combo too but thankfully was able to afford Grundy after NicNat’s knee. Gawn/Grundy will cost a king’s ransom next year but they’ll be my first two picked, they were both unbelievable.


Yeah, its a luxury. I traded players out and back in over the byes for the first time, and it worked well. Still had trades left up to the last couple of rounds, but did have a pretty good run with dodging injury. Felt I was strategically much better this year, but missed too many of my Captain, VC loop picks to really do well.

managed to finish 5944, after a horror year last year. Highest ever was 300th odd, the year before that.