SuperLeague (Looking for a Coach)

Hi everyone

I am part of a fantasy Footy keeper competition known as SuperLeague. The competition has run since 2004 and I have been in the league since 2015. We use Supercoach scores to get our team’s results and currently looking for one coach to take over a team who has been with us since 2015.

Squad set up and weekly scoring:
14 coaches have 50 players (no double up on players). Each week you name a squad of 22 players and 8 emergencies. From there, your best 18 from your initial 22 named, make your teams score.

We use Google Sheets for most of our team keeping and scoring. This is becoming more automated for coaches and means you don’t need to have another forum log in and what not. At the moment coaches manually input scores each week however we are making this automated for next year hopefully.

Weekly team balance

The aim of Superleague is to make teams reflect real AFL naming where possible. So teams need to name genuine tall players in key Forward/Defender and Ruck roles. These players need to have played there for a certain period of time (e.g 5 rounds) or recruited there in the afl draft.

Positions include:
FWD2/Def 2- Pocket players
Mid/fwd or Mid/Def - Wings and flanks
Mid- Midfield only
Key Forward/Key Def - Full Forward and CHF or Full back and CHB
Ruck- Ruck and Key forward only or pocket as a resting ruck.

Each year we have 3 trade period
Mid season

This allows for coaches who are keen to trade and build up or get talent to cover late delistings or long term injuries.

We also have drafts at these time.

We have allowed for trading of future picks (so 1 year ahead) but you must keep at least your future 1st or 2nd rounder.

PM for more info or to have a look at the Sheets.

Offer it to RtB and keep him away from Essendon :grinning:

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