Surgery anyone?

Anybody recovering from or have some impending surgery coming up?

I’m having an operation for a inguinal hernia soon. They are doing the left and the right side at the same time with mesh.

Anybody had experience with this and what was recovery like?

Pretty stock standard
They’ll tell you not to lift stuff or do certain actions for a certain period post op
Pay attention


Umbilical hernia…twice…once about 2000, then 2012.

Second one was keyhole but took twice as long to recover. Getting out of bed was easy enough…it was the sitting up was very tough.

Had mesh the second time.

That’s it, I’m doing kegal exercise as we speak.

Hang on, wait…

depends which mesh they use. infections are common because i’ve been down that road when they took my lymph nodes out.

I’ve certainly had no problems.

last year the surgeon was going to put another mesh organic or some such thing but when he opened me up decided against putting an other foreign body in there because of the infections. after the mesh was put in it made life a lot easier but other problems years down the track lead to my surgery. if the mesh had not been penetrated most likely still have it in there

Had umbilical hernia op July 31st 2018. Hole was 1.5cm. Mesh used. Was told by the anaesthetist of all people, just before being wheeled in, that it would be a painful recovery. What a prick. Recovery was very straight forward. Essentially nil pain. Very happy.

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Nearly two weeks for me.

One week for the non-keyhole 20 years ago. Four weeks later, I hung the washing out. That was a mistake! I didn’t make that mistake the second time. Nothing tore, but the pain returned.

Am going in next Monday for arthroplasty (left knee replacement)
45 years of football & baseball finally caught up with me but ended up rupturing my cartilage on a work site which is what has triggered the whole thing
Am sorting it out thru my private health insurance which was lucky as the titanium prosthetic was made in Boston from a 3D printed CT scan that was sent over there from my surgeon - modern medicine eh?
Have been doing 5km day “prehab” but sounds like I’m gonna be off work about 3 months

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I had left and right inguinal hernia done about 3 years ago. Was pretty sore after and spent good part of 2 - 3 weeks in bed. Just keep up with the pain meds at the start and make sure you got Netflix or something to keep you busy. Was back at work after 5 weeks and everything pretty much went back to normal. I had a bit of pain in the area last year while I had a bad cough so had scans but the pain was from some scar tissue or something.

Had emergency surgery to have a rather large one meshed up a few years back followed by a 2nd surgery a week later to fix up a massive hematoma. Wasn’t a fun time.

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Who could forget scotty’s massive swollen black DONGA

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What do you do for work ? They say I can’t drive for 2 weeks but I have an office based job.

Just do what they say.

Some of the work I do is physical so couldn’t get a clearance to go back until after 5 weeks.

I wasn’t allowed to drive for 4 weeks IIRC.

Or was that the cataract surgery? That was only while I had the patch on.


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