Surgery anyone?


Blown a poofer valve.


I’d prefer to call it a foofer valve.

But I’m ■■■■ like that.




The p is silent, as in bath.


You can certainly hear the Rs


I’m booked in next week for an umbilical one. Surgeon is also going to do vasectomy…from the same keyhole. Said it is straightforward.



I was off my office office based job 3 weeks. For me the issue wasnt work its getting to work. The train trip was hell


Had it done. The surgery was a success (Right side near groin). They fixed a Hydrocelle too in the testi.

Off work for 4 weeks as I couldn’t lift heavy Items. Still suffer slight pain every now and again but right as rain.

Pooing after can be a ■■■■■ the first time.


I’m no surgeon, but, if you’re getting a vasectomy done through the same incision as the hernia…that seems odd.


Abso ■■■■■■■ loutley.

Our bed also sits very low. Couldn’t even get into it for a week and sleept on the couch for a week. First night back in the bed was the night the hematoma burst. Woke up in a pool of my own blood. Scary as ■■■■.


Not if the hernia is close to the groin id think

Edit: Oh yeah he said umbilical. Yeah thats weird


Very fkn odd indeed. :no_mouth:

I’d have more than a few questions about that.


Nah it’s the belly button.

There is a reason for it being done that way though.


Firstly, this is the internet, so listen to your surgeon…not me that’s for sure.

Having had a bit of a look, there’s definitely some techniques which do have hernia repair + vasectomy, which I wasn’t aware of.

Had a mother look at the anatomy, and I guess they could take down the Vas while they are there, rather than go back in through the ■■■■■■■.

Makes sense, just never seen/heard of it before.

You’ll be better off on both fronts once you recover.


While you’re down there!


my last op they stole my belly button now people might think i am a clone


Or wouldn’t know you from Adam.


Even if your mum’s qualified, that’s still a bit weird!