Swans V Dorks


Shane Biggs debuting. Played half a season at bendigo two years back. Sydneys development program is excellent.

Swans without Tippet looking like they did at the start of the year. Crows would love to have Jesse White

Franklin is goneski.

Lance is in a spot o bother.

oh buddy.

Watch puopolo, biggest shoulder shrugging ducker in the Afl. I hear that the sellwoods have posters of him on their bedroom walls

Lance is in a spot o bother.

Paddy got 3 for less than that.

Needs more red and white in the crowd

Swans pantsing the Dawks at present.

Mumford is playing a bit of a game.

Mumford is playing a bit of a game.

The old Tutankhamun goes alright

Ever since the hawks / bombers game I noticed how the hawks play, which is for free kicks and I also noticed how buddy is a cherry picker , and noticed how they probably only have two or three physical players. Tougher teams like the cats / swans and even north seem to play well or beat the because of this. The hawks rely too much for free kicks or cheap and easy kicks. They can’t beat physicality or tolerate it. They rely too Koch on skill and free flowing game play. Stop that and it’ll be a scrap for them.







Reported on the ground.


Has points.



Buddy is a deadset ■■■■■■■ idiot

If Franklin gets two, it could tip Clarkson over the edge.

Gary Rohan looks like BJ

It is the Hawks.


Buddy will get off.


Malcheski (spelling?) will be suspended for 6 games for headbutting Buddies shoulder.

■■■ so many industrious players

swans look a lot better when not going tippet every time.



you guess / poll vote ? ..... franklin out for 2 or 3  ........... or get 1 with an early plea to ensure $$$ seats and integrity of the finals ?