Sydney 'brown haired' dude goes ape

Allegedly tried the old Allahu Akbar routine too, but had a visible tattoo with Roman lettering.

But anyway, pity they didn’t waste the prick.

Who needs guns when you have a milk crate


Police say “Not a Terror attack, … Nor related to Terrorism”,. . Bad luck SKY Skews.

Also reporting the guy had escaped from a Mental Institution.

Seems at this stage he went to a womans place he knew (?) (Sister …Ex??) and attacked and killed her, … then fully lost it and went out in the Street seeking suicide by Cop after what he had done??


Probably not on Twitter I wouldn’t have thought.

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She knew what she was doing by saying that.


:smile: Lol

Some americans are actually using this incident to say this is why their second amendment needs to be upheld. Just moronic!

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only way to stop a bad guy with a knife is a good guy with a milk crate.


Don’t forget the trolley

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Went to see a prostitute on Clarence street. Killed her then stumbled out on the street still angry stabbing another.

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america - this is why you need bullet proof milk crates.

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The guys name was Mert Ney…

Saw a tweet this morning by a linguist breaking that down but can’t find it again. Basically said that having a pause between the words is not how it’s supposed to be said.

He’s a Turkish Cypriot - 98% of whom are muslims

To be honest I couldn’t really give a stuff what deity he subscribes to.

My main gripe is that 7 News felt it necessary to include his words in their headline.

That’s not a dog whistle, that’s a fkn air horn.


Michaela is not just a “sex-worker” she is a person who still had life ahead of her, now stolen from her.

Sydney stabbing victim identified as 24yo Michaela Dunn

Updated 12 minutes ago

A young blonde woman smiling
PHOTO: Michaela Dunn from Sydney’s Inner West was found just after 3:00pm on Tuesday. (NSW Police)

The 24-year-old woman killed in a Clarence Street apartment in Sydney’s CBD yesterday has been identified as Michaela Dunn.

Ms Dunn was found by police in the Sydney apartment just after 3:00pm yesterday following the alleged stabbing rampage by 21-year-old Mert Ney that shut down part of the CBD.

It is understood Ms Dunn is from Sydney’s Inner West.

Her family have been notified and although police said they “appreciated the public support”, they have requested privacy.