Tac/u18 Thread


Best mid in the draft, not his best game kicking wise but showed his work ethic with 38 touches and 9 tackles for the game


Who’s the best 190cm utility who could be anything?


I reckon one of the king twins could be a decent midfielder… bit tall, so we’ll fill them out.


Going to have to start paying attention to this, looks like a top 5 pick coming up!


I have only one thing to say following yesterday’s abysmal showing. …

Come on down Jack Bytel!




Game of two halves at Oakleigh today.

First half Dandenong were just bullying the chargers with superior size and strength and marking power, but their goalkicking (and the last kick into the 50) let them down and they went in with a margin only around 20 rather than the 40 or so they should have had. Second half the Chargers got their running game going, and the Rays kicking just got a little bit ragged and they started spilling marks, and with the aid of about 10 second-half 50m penalties Oakleigh got their noses in front at the end to win by 6.

For Oakleigh, I really liked Harte’s game, only a little guy but slippery and balanced and poised and kept getting the ball in pressure situations and choosing smart options. Gutsy too, almost every Oakleigh mid was outsized on the say but he gave up more height than most. Reminded me a little of McGrath’s game style in the TAC, though he’s much skinnier. Fry played the same sort of role, with the same sort of lack of beef (though he is taller).

Bosenavulagi did some really nice things, as a dynamic explosive HFF, kicked a couple in the second to really keep the Chargers in it when all the play was the other way. Built very solid, skills very clean, plays very physical, impressive on the defensive side as well as the offensive. More of a crumber/defensive fwd than a 3rd marking fwd type.

Quaynor didn’t get a huge amount of it but jeez he was impressive when he did. Some really amazing half-volley pickups at full tilt, some smart effective aerial contests against much taller opposition. Played cleaning up in the backline and was very effective.

Harry really came into his own in the ruck late, not sure he gave their mids first use but was able to drop it at his feet into congestion and really negated the Rays inside mids. Aided by some soft infringement frees at times it must be said. He actually scored the game-winner from a soft ruck free followed by n equally soft 50 penalty. Not sure he’s got the athleticism for the next level up, but he was huge in this game.

Day did a few handy things in the middle in the first part of the game but wasn’t exactly ripping it apart, but he went deep forward late and was just too calm and smart, kicked two pressure goals in the last and set up at least one more. Big husky guy at the 189cm mark. A bit prone to occasional bloopers by foot though.

For the Stingrays it was all about the talls, who were the reason they were in a position to win it, but were arguably the reason they didn’t. Williams was just dominant in the air playing forward, nobody could go near him, but his kicking just didn;t get the job done. Ended up goalless, could have had probably 4 and a few assists. Spent a bit of time in the ruck, but his tap work was pretty predictable, straight ahead and down. Got hands to most of them but not much nuance or craft there. But I’m focusing on the bad a bit much here - he had a truly crushingly superior aerial display today.

Corey Ellison was also prominent in the air - he’s a lot shorter than Williams at 191 vs 198, but he got around the ground a lot more, positioned himself well, and kicked straight(er). Ended up with two, would have gotten a stack of the ball.

In terms of midfielders for the Rays, Frawley was pretty good in a slightly scrubby Worpel kinda way, and Taylor and McDonnell did a few good things, but the dandy mids were just not quite up to Oakleigh’s level on disposal or organisation today.


Didn’t think much of Collier-Dawkins? I didn’t get to see the game but saw a bit of footage. Not a massive amount of high draft prospects played apart from Bowman, Williams, Quaynor and Collier-Dawkins. Oakleigh also missing the most talent because of school football, Dandenongs main players missing where Mitch Riordan(haileybury) Darling(injured), Fletcher(injured) and the ■■■■■■■ twins (academy series)


Yeah, Oakleigh is always gutted by school footy this time of year, Sandy too. I try to spend the middle part of the year watching country sides cos they’re normally closer to their best 22, but kinda have to make do with who is playing tolerably near me.

Collier-Dawkins looked solid, though he didn’t really catch my eye until he did a few good things in the last qtr. First game I’ve been to this year, so I was really just starting to learn who blokes are…


Jack Bytel and Sam Walsh played against each other today

34 disposals, 1 goal

32 disposals, 10 tackles

Bailey Smith also has a good game with 28 disposals and 2 goals


If you could draft one to Essendon with our first pick.

Which would it be?

Both are inside mids, yeah?


A mid that tackles? IN


Very hard choice because both would bring something good to our side. Sam Walsh would play Round 1 for us because of his insane aerobic running and leadership. Bytel is also a hard worker in the middle and would be just what the docor ordered as an inside contested player, speed might be his only query and his marking up forward could be better to make him more dangerous.

Walsh could lineup anywhere for us and still have an influence, just a natural ball winner and runner who oozes leadership


So who we picking at 4?


4? Do Farkcarlton get 3 picks?


I’m not allowed to say his name, but I’ve heard a whisper that we’re very into an injury-prone 3rd tall/utility from a good school who has top-notch leadership qualities. We’re believe he’ll move into the midfield after a few years development.



That could be half our list.


Walsh it is then by the sounds of it.


@THE_DON1 Saw that Daniel Hanna got a decent write up in the latest scouting notes. You’ve commented on him previously but, if he keeps putting in similar performances, do you see him worth a Category B spot? Not sure if the below is saying he has good disposal, but at least seems to be an intelligent user.

Link and write up:

#23 Daniel Hanna – Had one of the cleanest sets of hands on the ground. Hanna is an agile mover with the ball in hand and loves to run. He marked everything that came his way, whether it was in a huge pack or uncontested in space. Had a great passage of play when he cleverly picked the ball up off the deck when it was in a danger zone for the Cannons. Hanna is really great with the ball in hand and knows how to move it forward.


I don’t see why we shouldn’t take him (if he continues his good performances). He costs nothing as he’s a category B rookie and is one of those kids that has boundless amounts of talent but is waayyy too skinny to make an impact against men for at least 4 years. Dodoro also loves taking on project players similar to Hanna (draper, lavender, gach)