Tac/u18 Thread


friendship with bytel ended.

Hately new best friend


Not hearing the best news on the injury front for Mason Fletcher…


fkg say it, ffs


A long term prospect that was going to be taken late anyway, shouldn’t be a major issue


And what are you hearing?


Whatever the news is, terrible for Mason, kind of okay for Essendon.
The later some other club puts a bid on him, the better.


Hearing he’s got stress fractures in his back. Always hard to put a time frame on the recovery, but the early word is that he’s out for 8-10 months. Still early in the piece, so hopefully my news is a bit off and his recovery takes far less time than that.


thats ■■■■■■■ ■■■■.

don’t play him anywhere.


I was told 8-10 months but that seems a bit excessive to me. No doctor, but I didn’t think it took that long to get over stress fractures?


33 disposals, 7 tackles and a goal to Sam Walsh today, he may not be the big inside midfielder we are looking for but he will be a guaranteed A grade midfielder in the AFL


We’re getting closer bro


Not if we pick him he won’t be…


can’t wait for killermike to pay no attention to the draft then in 3 years time call him a ■■■■ truck and that hes always been a ■■■■ truck.


Dodoro might find it irresistible to pick up a King brother…what % ruck do they play?


Between this and the VFL thread, I know where ill be spending most of my time on blitz this season


Beware - I studied up on the U18s last year and then we traded away all our picks.



You can only trade away picks if players are willing to come to your club

This off-season we won’t have that problem



love your work TD1.

seems you want us to stack up on mids in the draft?


I don’t get to u18 games so I don’t make calls on that form.

Irrespective of draft position once they are in the system they are all equal.

I call it how I see it.

*for the record I was the one that started the Clarke train and that was last year. He is a very late pick but it means little to me if they can play.