Tac/u18 Thread


We need more depth in that area, we need another developing key forward but i dont think we will find that late in this draft.


I was on the Clarke train before he was even drafted :stuck_out_tongue: Had him top 20 in my rankings for that draft. Just for the record i also had Mynott in my top 30 last year and he has started pretty well already getting the midfield time that Mutch and Clarke didnt get in their first year.


I totally agree. been banging on about it for the last 3 years.


I don’t mind mynot but he’s long term I think.

Glad he’s getting a shot in the midfield early. They must rate him.


Bytel slipped a lot?


T_D can answer better, but said he had him high on his list but other watchers have him towards the 2nd round.


As @barnz said I seem to be the only one who rates Bytel that highly, others still like him just not that high (top 10)


Thank ■■■■ he is a mid. At 192cm I just automatically assume utility…


Looks like your mail was good.


Bailey Smith… seems a good size. What sort of footballer is he?


Natural ball magnet who can play midfield, forward and back. Good user by hand and foot.

Watched him play round 1 in the wet conditions he had 37 touches with 22 of them contested, 12 clearances, 7 tackles. Was an all round performance on the inside and outside.

Hurt his ankle after that game and a couple of weeks ago he came back and got 28 touches and 2 goals. His main query would be his speed which is solid but he is slightly one paced


Daniel hanna got a good write up on twitter, had 26 touches at 200cm! What have you heard about him don



Keep your eye on Lachie Ash from Murray Bushrangers. Under age for this years draft but definite future star. If you believe in pedigree , son of Steven Ash outstanding O&M and GVFL star , mother is the sister of Chris Connolly of AFL fame. Already at age 16 playing for Shepparton Bears adult team.


Smooth mover at half back don’t mind him


Lanky key forward/ruck. Didn’t get to see much of him but I don’t think he has played any games as prolific as this week.

Too looked like a very long term project considering we have Lavender I don’t think we will take him


Who’s the best contested mid in the draft @THE_DON1 ? Haven’t watched much U18 stuff, heard good things about Bytel and Hately though…


Bytel at this stage is the best contested mid, Smith has been prolific. James Rowbottom is highly regarded from what I’ve heard and Xavier O’Halloran despite not getting big numbers looks really good at the contest and works his ■■■ off


Thanks @THE_DON1

Very much appreciated.


What about Collier-Dawkins as an inside mid? He’s big!


Rankine and Bytel would be nice.