Tac/u18 Thread


Forcing every gun teenage footballer to go play suburban footy for 2-3 years would be a great step.

Great for cricket, great for basketball, great for rugby league, great for soccer.

And of course all the money for suburban and TAC clubs, which comes from having guys drafted, would dry up completely.

Do you legit think professional footballers are doing it for the love of the game or something?


It’s not suburban as in park footy, it’s state league, and the quality and money involved could double with some of the talent playing there.

I’d firmly dispute the notion that you’d lose talent to any other code. People still love footy and would still play. You’d lower the quality of the AFL by a couple percentage points (arguably improve it by drafting less Lucas Cooks and more Haiden Schloithes/Kellys/Hibberds/Baguleys at 21) and you’d improve the WAFL/SANFL/VFL by 20%.

Then there’s the way it would improve coverage of the game and “story” to the draft and recruitment which the AFL would love (and I think would be a good thing in this case).

Re: Money, why does having Zach Merrett play 3 years in the VFL, earning probably $20k for his club through attendance and viewership THEN giving his club the $10k cheque for having produced him leave a club worse off than just getting the $10k cheque?


Where’s all your magical money coming from?

(As in this $20k extra per annum that Zerrett is earning for his VFL club - assuming he does decide to stay effectively a semi-professional footballer rather than chase cricket, where he could’ve probably cracked one of the BBL squads, if not the Vic squad)


The state leagues would easily double in size if they had that extra talent. < 2% of players would be lost to other codes. At most.


Some stats from the weekend in the TAC

Xavier Duursma 26 disposals, 1 goal
Zane Barzen 12 disposals, 3 goals
Sam Walsh 25 disposlas, 2 goals
Ed McHenry 18 disposals, 5 tackles
Toby Bedford 14 disposals, 6 tackles
Sam Sturt 14 disposals, 3 goals
Bailey Williams 10 disposals, 7 tackles
Zac Foot 9 disposals, 1 goal, 6 tackles
Will Hamill 8 disposals
Daly Andrews 14 disposlas, 5 tackles
Stefan Radovanovic 12 disposals, 6 tackles
Rhylee West 22 disposals, 8 tackles
Mitch Podhajski 21 disposals, 10 tackles, 1 goal
Curtis Taylor 17 disposals, 7 tackles
Josh Kemp 9 disposlas, 3 goals
James Blanck 14 disposals, 4 marks
Will Golds 27 disposals, 1 goal
James Rowbottom 26 disposals, 6 tackles
Jack Ross 25 disposals, 8 marks, 1 goal
Alastair Richards 24 disposlas
Liam Stocker 22 disposals
Isaac Quaynor 17 disposals
Jake Gasper 16 disposals, 6 tackles,2 goals
Will Kelly 12 disposlas, 6 marks
Will Kennedy 12 disposals
Riley Collier-Dawkins 11 disposals
Angus Hanrahan 11 disposals, 6 rebound 50s
Ben King 9 disposals, 1 goal


It’ll be interesting where RCD falls to on draft nights


What’s the go with calders Riccardi? Is he the one we were linked to last year?


His numbers are poor but every time I watch him he still does thinks that makes you think “wow what a talent” I think his numbers would be better at a poor club since he would get more midfield time but yeah he can struggle to get involved in transition which isn’t an issue for the first round prospects like Walsh and Smith


He is a good size and a nice long kick, propbably lacks a bit of agility and speed and he can ply a bit selfishly. Could still be a rookie prospect but I’m not sure which position he plays at the next level.


Hately in the best half a dozen in the ground against Ports reserves on the weekend


Do you see all these extra state league fans as eschewing AFL, to go watch 2nds?


I think your thinking on this topic is as skewed as your opinion of Dell’Olio was


This sounds like faery floss. Why on earth would I go to see the VFL match because each side has a few draftable kids in it? And why would they be played, since the VFL teams if not aligned with AFL ones will focus on playing kids over winning? Of course, the clubs will have to be unaligned with the AFL clubs, as otherwise they’ll play funnybuggers with the talented kids to hide them. Which then means where do the seconds play?

So, some issues with the idea:

  • Why would kids from NT/Qld/NSW move states to maybe get paid $20k a year playing AFL, rather than playing other sports and staying in their home state?
  • With kids spread all over the country, with at least 40 clubs across the three strongest state leagues, how much inconsistency will we get with development and injury management?
  • How much does it impact players development that they have to also focus on building a non-sporting career option, whether study or work?
  • We know a big thing with AFL now days is systems - what happens when kids miss out on 3 years of development with those systems? Does it become pot luck if you’re in the right team in the right state league?
  • Many of these kids are currently in AFL teams’ best 22. Removing them effectively reduces the quality of the AFL even further.
  • If the alignment between AFL and state clubs is disolved, where do AFL team’s seconds’ players go to play? How will not be being able to teach systems at seconds level impact the quality at AFL level?
  • If state clubs are unaligned from AFL clubs, and want to win the league, what does that mean for kids actually getting a go?

At the moment I go to watch Essendon in the VFL to see what we’ve got coming through. I wouldn’t bother if they didn’t exist and players weren’t ours. So this would be at least one spectator who would go to less games under this plan.


I think you should go to a TAC cup game over here - in person - if you reckon there’s crowds gagging to watch the elite kids play.

The crowds are in the hundreds.


Take out alignments, and the VFL would be williamstown playing port 20x times a season.


I just started trying to rank players already for next year, Jesus why do I do this!


When will you be updating your order for this year?


after he makes his list of next year because ‘NEXT YEARS DRAFT IS ALWAYS BETTER’


2019 Super Draft


I always update it at the start of every month, don’t expect much changes although I may swap West and Hately around.