Tac/u18 Thread


In the draft I think you pick the best talent regardless, Bonar spent 2 years with knee injuries and played senior football this year. You would rather take the risk on a high talent rather than a safe player who may only be a solid foot solider.


Cheers for the insight. A shame that there doesn’t seem to be any vision of him around.


His first quarter against Murray is on YouTube, played really well in that first quarter aswell. Ely Smith plays in that game who is another in the mix for our 2nd pick. Brodie Kemp one to watch for next year plays a blinder



Surely Bailey Smith is too ideal a fit for us to pass up (if slid).
A decent sized clearance mid, with a turn of speed, good disposal, and a driven to succeed attitude.


Another player close to my top 50 especially after watching more vision is Tyrone Smallwood, I joked about his name a few months ago but looking at him again I can see some elite traits. National combine invite so he is a huge chance to be drafted


We only just finished dealing with the Woodcock situation, and now there’s a Smallwood?


Woodn’t it be great if we could get them both.


Would be stiff to choose between the two


They might have a lot of interest, so it would be a hard ask to get both in the draft.


Who has better penetration?


Riley Bice as a late pick, Don1?


Has a lovely kick on him. Doesn’t get enough of the ball to show it. Rookie pick imo


I haven’t got invested in this draft yet as I think we will trade away our high picks.
But I better start listening to road to the draft podcast I think.


Collier-Dawkins hitting some form at the perfect time, he was exciting as hell today and one of my favourites from this draft for potential.


already set my heart on rozee


Will be long gone


dodoro always finds a way to get his hbfs to essendon.


He’s been my pick from a long way back. He needs to cool his jets and take a holiday draft camp time to ensure we have a chance to get him.


Rozee copped a heavy knock early and didn’t get as much of it as usual but absolute class. Wilkie BOG for me and Woodcock also pretty good. North came from 47 points down in the third quarter to kick 12 of the next 13 goals and win by 5 points